Its Time For The First Post Of 2019!

Hellooooo Everyone, 

Happy New Year!  (It's still ok to say that right?)

I thought that it was time to come back to the Hideaway after a New Year break / Adjustment period in the new house. 

I have to admit that I had forgotten how much organisation and energy a house move took, not only that but we decided to do it in the festive period... which again is a busy and exhausting time. 

Since January 1st, we have been finding our rhythm and getting into various routines, with work, the cats, unpacking, exploring etc. 

This has meant that time has been flying and by the time I come to sit down to write.... my brain is tired and I find that my eyes are closing. 

It doesn't help that it is dark in the mornings and dark at nights as well. I'm less productive in the Winter. 


But its time to come back. 

Times actually a rather weird concept.... We spent months waiting for news, having weekends and evenings drag , 

to now in which they have starting flying again. We actually began to hate Saturdays and Sundays as it was often the case that an important piece of paperwork would be submitted on a  Friday but it could only be seen on the Monday.

At first it felt like a kind of jetlag when we first moved here, but I think we are back to normal. 

Luke and I also were under alot of mental pressure.... that I have spoken about before so in the break we have been trying to find ways to unwind and get back to being happy. 


I have rediscovered my loved for cooking and baking and have created a few dishes that I loved. 

We have committed to a Roast dinner every Sunday 

This is one of my versions with lotta Vegetables and Vegan Chicken Nuggets and Mayo- Maize

A Vegan Donner Kebab, in a pitta with Lettuce and Mayo-maize

From what I remember of Kebabs in my pre veggie life... Kebabs would leave my stomach bloated but these one didn't. Plus no animals suffered so win win! 

Its important for me to stay Vegan as I am strongly against the eating of animals but also it has benefited my allergies ten fold. 

This was my weight loss for the last year :

On the left is the end of 2017 and on the right was taken at the start of 2019

I will be going back to the gym as of February 1st (as thats the way that the enrolment window works) so I am determined to build on this and to try and become the strongest fittest version of myself that I  can be. 

I'll post little updates during the year, there no excuse really as the gym is literally across the road from where I live now haha. 

As with cooking and baking.... well it was really nice to rediscover my old passions and I plan to post alot more Vegan recipes and food tips as I know that they get alot of interest on Instagram. 

Especially as its Veganuary. 


In regards to body transformation - I am making this the year that I try something new in regards to my hair and style. 

I used to dye my hair alot when I was a teen and I stopped because... well I have no idea. I think it was the fear of judgement and just being anxious. 

So this year.... I'm saying eff that and doing what I feel.

I started the year by cutting in the fringe that I wanted for the past couple of years....


I also have made a pact with myself that I need to update my wardrobe. I haven't bought functional clothes for myself since the blog started almost four years ago. 

So, every month I will buy myself one or two pieces and do it gradually. I'm not sure what my style is at the moment... but I know its changed. So its going to be fun to rediscover who the new Becky is and what she likes to wear. 


We also have been spending our time making sure that the cats are ok. 

This house is the fourth home that they have known but that didn't make it any easier on them to adjust. 

They spent the first couple of weeks hiding and being scared of all the noises - the house is quieter as its not in the centre of town, but as there are no carpets the sounds in the house are amplified.

But now... We are at the exploration stage of their journey

Boots loves bannisters...

They finally were allowed access to the Garden!

Diego enjoyed showing his brother around and interacting with the new Garden. 

At the moment, they seem content with the house.... so they aren't fussed about going out as much as they used to... but then again the weather isn't the best so this might change. 

But at least we are making small paw / kitten steps toward normality. 


And finally one thing that has excited me is the fact that I recently upgraded my phone. 

I now have an iPhone XR and the camera is out of this world. 

I have already noticed a massive difference in the photos that I have been taken for the blog. 

So with new phones comes a new phone case.... I picked up this little number on Redbubble. 

Its a little nod to one of my favourite Anime films and characters.... My neighbour Totoro. 

I thought its arty enough to just be a nice design but if you know about the anime then its cool. 

The design here is that Totoro is a forest spirit and that is why he is filled in with nature! 

Redbubble is a great little app / website that connects you with artists and they get money for their designs. 

There were many that I loved so I think I'll be getting some more...


So thats an update. 

I've been a little poorly the past week so its delayed getting back on the blog and filming. 

But I am looking forward to this year,  I'm looking forward to creating more food, to getting back the gym and to decorating and furnishing this little house of ours! 

So thats it for now. 

Thanks for reading 


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