January 2019 Goal Results

Hi Everyone, 

 Its almost the end of the longest month of the year! 

We've almost made it out alive.  

I haven't blogged a-lot in the past week as I've been feeling a little under the weather mentally... I think it is hard for a-lot of people at this time of year .... the nights are dark, its cold, people are broke from Christmas and I always find it a little depressing when you realise that Christmas and the festive fun are over. 

We have a bit of snow though... 

I have been coming home from work, eating dinner and hiding under a blanket either catching up on a mountain of TV or gaming. 

We've got quite a cosy little set up in the living room and when the permanent furniture and carpets are in, its going to be incredible. 


To be honest I have also been busy adulting and getting stuff together in the house. I will write a post about this but basically, Luke and I are in the process of updating, paying off and upgrading the stuff in the new house. 

I thought it would be scary... but I am secretly loving getting on top of everything. I do love a bit of paperwork. 

I have alot of moments still that I have to pinch myself and remind myself that we made it.  We have our house. 

The boys have finally made it over the fence and are back in exploration mode after Boot's injury 


I thought that I would take this opportunity to review the goals for the month and to let you know what is in store for February... 

So the goals for last month were : 

1) To watch a film a day - 31 in total

As you can tell, I am writing this before the end of the month and before the 31 films can be watched.. but there was a complication that I didn't consider. 

Basically, when we moved house we changed our internet and TV provider from Virgin to BT. 

This meant that we needed to give back our Tivo box.... on which I had recorded the world and was like three months behind on everything. 

As this has to be sent back, I had to dedicate my soul to catching up meaning that the films got put on the back burner. 

Today is the day that I should be able to unplug and get back to the world of the living. 

2) To beat the Pokemon League in Lets Go Pikachu.

I'm rather glad to say that I actually completed a gaming goal and on time! 

I want to write a little review buttt I can honestly say that I loved it. 

Yes, I wanted a little more than a remake... but if this remake is anything to go by, the new Pokemon game coming this year is going to be amazing.  

Yes my pikachu is in a little outfit... and yes I am wearing a Pikachu backpack

3) Bake something in the New Kitchen 

So I am happy to say that yes, I completed this goal. 

I made some Vegan Peanut butter cookies - but I didn't have a baking tray so they became more like Peanut butter cups/ cakes. 

My cooker is also a little fierce and I'm not used to it. Buttttt they were very yummy. 

4) Write in the Journal everyday

I use my journal as a way to cope with difficult head stuff. I feel like when its written down that it is dealt with. 

At the moment, I am feeling in a relatively good mental place so I found that I have been writing down lists for the house.  Basically plans for how we are going to decorate, what furniture to buy and also carpet plans. 

I also seem to be making a-lot of financial lists as I am determined to get us under control, get them overdrafts sorted and get some savings in the pots!

So this goal is done! 

5) Go for a long Walk in Wellingborough. 

I have already shared the result of this goal in a previous post, but we went and walked around Sywell country park. 

You can read more about it here

It was a lovely day, cold but lovely. 


Thats it for January. 

I will let you know February's goals later on in the month 

Thanks for reading 



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