February '19 Goals

Helllloooo Everyone, 

The second month of the year has arrived so that means that it's time for some new goals. 

I have written these goals with a desire to get organised and take control of several areas of my life. 

(Yeah I can't spell....) 

I am aware that there is a couple of goals that I won't be safely able to share the outcome of.... you'll understand when you read them, but as they are things that I really need to do for myself... I'll still be determined to do them! 

Its going to be a take my word for it situation I feel.... 

I have also picked goals that will take a shorter time to achieve as there are only 28 days to do them in! 


So here they are:

1) To Clear our last overdraft 

This is a goal that is actually one of my New Years Resolutions/ Goals.  I resolved at the start of the year to try and be more sensible with money, especially now that I am a homeowner.  I worked out that I was really lucky to be the house - as I was still in a fair bit of debt. So, to combat this I sat and I wrote many lists and many plans of how I was going to become financially healthy. 

The first thing that had to go were overdrafts. I worked out that through my bank, I was paying £40 pounds per month per account back in fees. 

I am happy to say that in January, I paid off all my personal overdrafts - I had two totalling £1000.  I aim in this monthly goal, to clear the last one that we have. It's a joint account so it's a goal for Luke and I. 

This Screenshot is currently my motivation; it was the one that I got at the start of the year when I cleared the first two.... 

2) To complete Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

It's time for my gaming goal for the month. 

As you may know by now, my hard drive on all of my consoles are full with games that I haven't completed or given any time to. This combined with my New Years Resolution to complete a game a month has led to my latest choice. 

This month, I have combined my love of anime and my desire to boost my gamer score.... I have picked Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm.... I will not lie... this game is a bit of an oldie... but I love just running around the Village hidden in the leaves and interacting with my Favourite Characters (Which are Kakashi, Jiraiya & Hinata btw). 

I am planning to try and get to 100 percent (or as close to as I can in the time)  - but Feb is a short month so I am happy just to complete all the Story Missions and Side missions.

3) To get a new Paperwork Box and to go through all existing Paperwork and sort through it. 

I have always had a tin paperwork box, but I was guilty of shoving everything that I got through the letterbox into it.

Without really reading it. 

So six years on... its a real mess. 

So this goal is to get myself organised, have a declutter and get all the major dates written down. 

Its going to be a massive job, but I am also going to get a shredder and a lockable box for extra security. 

Time to adult to a higher level 

4) To try a class at our new gym. 

I am finally a member of a brand new shiny gym... which is literally across the road from the new house. 

I have managed to join through my work, so its quite an upmarket swanky gym. 

It even has a swimming pool and we had our first session there yesterday. 

I am focusing on getting strong and toning up - my ultimate goal is to be able to hold my own body weight and to be able to pull myself up. 

I have missed the feeling of going and exercise. 

I am also using my brand new Apple watch to track my progress and monitor the food that I am eating... 

So the next step for me is to try a class and push myself out of my comfort zone. 

In my New Years Resolutions, I noted that I wanted to take up Yoga... so this seems like a good place to start. 

Watch this space 

5) To Make some Ramen 

This one is inspired by my Naruto Goal and the love for Japanese food. 

I have recently been cooking soup and I thought that I wanted to go one step further. 

I want to try and make Luke's and mine's favourite go to treat - Ramen. 

I tried it once before but the stock wasn't think enough and the noodles were all wrong. So we are on the hunt for the perfect ingredients and for the perfect recipe. 

If it all goes well, I will share our findings! 

Plus as its cold out side at the moment, its going to be the perfect treat. 


So that is what I working on for the following month! 

I will let you know how it goes, 

Thanks for reading 



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