February Goal Results 2019

Hello Everyone, 

It's time to review the goals from last month. 

 I think that I am already seeing a massive improvement from last year. 

I don't know if that is because I have slightly tweaked the ones that I am now setting or if I am a little more productive. 

So they were: 

1) To Clear our last overdraft  - Postponed 

I had to be an adult with this goal.  

I could have easily have done this on payday however, if I had we would have been back in a very tricky situation. 

We had received a backdated council tax bill &  a double mortgage bill and the first bill for the carpets and they all needed to be paid in the same pay packet. 

So I have put this goal on hold until May - I set myself the news years resolution to be overdraft free by the end of June so I should still smash the deadline. 

2) To complete Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm - Completed 

I have decided that with the gaming goals that I am not going to try and 100 percent a game every month as its just not achievable. 

But I am happy to say that trying to complete a storyline is a good way to go. 

I actually managed to do this goal within the first week of March and I managed to get to 81 percent completion. 

I will do the last 19 percent over the year at some point, but for now this is done! 

Lots and lots of button mashing. 

3) To get a new Paperwork Box and to go through all existing Paperwork and sort through it.  Completed 

I again did this goal within the first week of February. 

I also bought a shredder to make this job a little easier. I had six years worth of paperwork to shred :(

But its all done now and everything is organised and I also have a paperwork box that locks! 

Adulting to a high level. 

4) To try a class at our new gym.  Completed 

I completed this goal in the last week. 

We decided that we were going to try yoga at the new gym - which is quite handy as I said that I wanted to take this up in my New Years Goals. 

I found the class very welcoming and relaxing - just what I needed on a Wednesday. 

The exercise itself will need getting used to and I can still feel the after effects now. 

But I am alot more flexible than I thought. 

We have already booked in again for tomorrow and have already committed to at least going once a week. 

5) To Make some Ramen Will be completed in the next couple of days 

It took me ages to find the correct ingredients and we will be making it in a couple of days...

 I decided to give myself a couple more days as February was so short. 

I will post a final picture on here once it is done! 


So thats it for the past month. 

If you want to know what I have set for March - please check out yesterday's post

What are you all focusing on at the moment? Let me know in the comments! 

Thanks for reading 



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