March Goals and Lent.

Hello Everyone, 

I seem to always write that its been a while. 

I plan to change this and as of today, I am going to whip myself back into gear and stop getting distracted. 

 I want to try and get at least three posts going a week again, as I have so much to write about! 

I also took a break as there was some personal stuff going on and I thought posting might have been taken in the wrong way... 


The past couple of months have kind of been a mini rehab for me. I have been trying to get myself back into a healthy mindset and to recover from the stress of the move and the life that we have left behind us. 

Luke and I both needed a little TLC after what our old landlady put us through and also the stress of buying our house. 

However, we are out the other side and I have so many ideas of content that I want to write for the blog and film for the channel. 

I will as some point share what happened in a post so that I can write it down and hopefully leave it in the past. 

I find that my journal is invaluable for this. 

I still think that there are many lessons to teach and I wanted to share somethings that I wish I had known when things started to go wrong. 


I see March as the start of spring and the start of a rebirth for the Hideaway.  I

 have been focusing on my mind and body in February and March is the start of focusing on the house. 

Our Carpets start to be laid at the end of month and will all be complete by the May. 

Then we can start finding our forever furniture. 

I have to admit I have loved stalking google for pieces for the house. Now I know what colour scheme I want. 


So more on all that later. 

I wanted to pop on here and share my goals for March and also my goals just for Lent. 

I will share Feb's results in a post ( hopefully tomorrow or Monday). 

1) I want to finish Theme Hospital 

At the start of the year, I wanted to complete one game a month and I am still on track to do this.

I thought that I would include a childhood game now that I can get it to run on my laptop. 

I always wanted to beat this game as a kid so this is the month I've planned to do it! I don't think I ever got particularly far... The Earthquake level I think? 

Please don't die in the corridors? 

2) I want to try and make my own pocket Pasta. 

I've been watching alot of Hell's Kitchen and Masterchef and I want to add to my skill set. I love pasta so I want to try and make some fresh stuffed pasta. 

I have enjoyed slipping food goals into my monthly goals so this type of thing might be a permanent addition. 

Watch this space! 

3) To Celebrate Pancake day. 

As Luke and I slowly had all the joy sucked out of us last year, I said to him that I wanted to celebrate everything this year. 

We both love pancakes so we have decided that we are going to have a massive feast on Tuesday. 

Mine will be orange and his will be lemon! Bring it onnnnnn. 

4)  To have a proper Spring clean 

We haven't been here long but will all the carpets going down and the concrete and floorboards being covered up, it feels very dusty in here. 

We have to move the furniture out anyway so I want to take this chance to clean everything. 

5) To go for a walk around Rushden Lakes . 

Luke and I are still discovering Wellingborough and I have always wanted to walk around the Lakes. 

Our motivation is that after all the work, we are going to go to the dog friendly cafe so that we can window shop on puppies. 

I love going for walks with Luke and my new Apple watch gives me that extra buzz when it shows me all the progress that I am making. 


For rent this year, I found myself a little stuck. I eat rather healthy, I have already given up takeaways, I'm back at the gym and I don't eat sweets or Chocolate as I am a vegan... so I have planned to in fact pick up somethings that are good for my head. 

a) To watch one episode of Anime a day (roughly 20 mins long)
b) To read everyday for 30 mins after dinner

I also will be trying to stay off social media (bar stuff for the blog and for the Channels) 


So thats it....

I'm back and lets hope I can keep it that way. 

Thanks for being so patient with me during the past couple of months of adjustment. 

As always, thanks for reading 



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