Reviewing Goals

Hello Everyone, 

Today is a good day. 

Its the first day since the accident that I have woken up and felt as if I haven't wanted to cry.

 I must think about Diego at least once every half an hour but, its all good memories at the moment, I am training my brain to forget the last time that I actually saw him. 

To be honest by the time we found him he was gone so its not hard to do. 

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has reached out on social media and in person. I honestly didn't think that people cared so much about my little fluff ball and Luke and I. 

It's meant the world to us. 

Diego comes home next week and I think that will be the final closure. 


Work also gave me some free tickets to the theater as acknowledge for my hard work over the past couple of months, so I get to take Luke out and relax. 


As March ended on such a crap note, I decided to suspend the goals over to April. So anything that wasn't done has automatically been moved over. 

So if we look back - these were March's goals 

1) I want to finish Theme Hospital  - Ongoing

I got about half way through and because this is a beloved childhood classic, I want to keep going with it. I am still try to complete a game a month for 2019 so when this is done I will be back up to where I need to be. 

2) I want to try and make my own pocket Pasta.  - Ongoing

I lost my desire to eat for a while, but as we have just had a kitchen blind put in, I am hoping that it will draw me back into the kitchen. It's given the room some privacy and a nice cosy feeling. I still want to keep homing my skills as a cook so to keep this goal is important to me, 

3) To Celebrate Pancake day.  -  Done 

Luke is now a dab hand at pancakes... who knew that he would take to it so well? I'm not sure if he attempted many flips but he certainly led this year's Pancake Day well. We had our with sugar and Lemon and they were honestly so tasty. 

4)  To have a proper Spring clean  - Done 

I have actually done this a couple of times since I set the goal and its lovely to have a squeaky clean house. 

As we have no carpets its rather hard to keep on top of the dust. 

So we decided, in an effort to keep us all cosy (after the carpets were delayed again) to put some rugs down. 

5) To go for a walk around Rushden Lakes .  -  Ongoing 

We still want to go for our long walk as we both love getting out and about so we will definitely do this goal in April. There is also the added incentive of shopping and food afterward. Plus walking is free and we are trying to save as much money as we can at the moment. 


So here are the goals that I have chosen for April 

1) To Finish the First Spyro Game 

So, Aprils Game is another Childhood Favourite...Spyro. I love that little Sassy Purple Dragon. Plus I haven't played a PlayStation game in ages. I'm a couple of worlds down at the moment so hopefully just a couple of pushes will get me there! 

2) To do right by Boots 

This one is kind of open ended, if that the way to describe it but.... I want to strengthen the bond between Luke, Boots and I. I think we need to just spend some time at home and be there for him as he goes through the transition of losing Diego. At the moment, he is alot louder at night and is waking me up for random cuddles. To be honest, I think its for me as well as him...

3) To try and live in the moment 

Yoga taught me the importance of this... but with the exception of the house... I want to try and live in the moment as much as possible. I think that I spent so long looking to the future that I didn't appreciate all the time that I had with Diego. I just want to switch off and unwind in those times that I am not at work and enjoy my new project and the company of my three loves (Luke, Boots and I still count Diego) 

4) To Make a dent in the 100 film list 

At the start of the year, I challenged myself to watch 100 films by the end of the year. Three months in and I have done....9! 

So in the effort to save money, relax and spend time with Boots, I thought it would be fun to see how many movies I can add to this... I might even catch up with all the marvel films.... 


I also thought that I would talk about Lent. I was actually doing really well until... the event. So as of me writing this post tonight, I have restarted Lent. 

So just to remind us all, they are as below :

a) To watch one episode of Anime a day (roughly 20 mins long)

b) To read everyday for 30 mins after dinner


So this is what I am going to be working on for the next month. All my goals are a little self careish, which is what I need a big dose of. 

I'll you all know how it goes!

Thanks for reading 

Rebekah Mary 


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