Whats in a Name?

Hellloooo Everybody, 

Time for a bit of a reflective post and a little glimpse into my soul. 

That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.

As you may or may not have figured out, Becky isn't my given name. 

It's a nickname. 

In England its very common for someone to shorten the name Rebekah to Becky as a form of closeness.

However, it's gotten to the point that when people would call me Rebekah that I would look around for someone else. 

Its a real shame when you think about it, that my parents would pick a beautiful name of Rebekah Mary and I would literally never use it. 

The only time you see it is on ID, so when I was buying a house at the end of last year. 

 It's rather strange because I have spent the last five years at work trying to get my name updated on the company website from Rebekah to Rebekah Mary as it was only half my first name. 

On Friday it finally happened and I was really glad. 

So it must mean something to me. 


I thought that I would google the meaning of my name and this is what I came up with :

Rebekah - the original spelling of Rebecca - is from the bible, the wife of Issac - Means to bind - to tie a knot.

Mary - Mother of Jesus - Means bitter in Hebrew. 

Helena - Means shining Light in Greek 

Russell - Means Redhead in French 

Interestingly my Family's motto is Che sara sara - What ever will be will be. Kind of the opposite to how my head works. Maybe I should embrace it a little? 

Then I thought about it and once again I think it goes back to a death that I really didn't deal with in the right way.

 I am named for both of my Grandmothers, I lost Mary when I was 11 and it took me forever to even be able to talk about it. 

But I feel as I have moved into the new house, I am finding new ways of addressing the past and I am starting to come to peace with everything. 


So fast forward to yesterday and I made some changes on the blog pages and on my personal social media. 

I have decided that as I am undergoing a kind of a transformation in my life - through buying a house, through exercise, through reaching the next level of Adult - that I am going to revert back to Rebekah Mary. 

I obviously will still be Becky to those that already call me it in my immediate life.

So all my pages have been updated, don't worry I'm still the same person. 

I think its a nice way to mark reaching the next level and being ok with who I am. Also it is a nod to my parents and my grandmothers.


As always thanks for reading! 

Rebekah Mary 


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