A Little House Update

Hello Everyone, 

I realised the other day that Luke and I have officially been in the house for three months so I thought that I would share a little update of our progress. 

If you remember, our house was a new build, so we kept getting delayed with the move in date and we had the worst time with the place that we were living in.  

I have always intended to write a blog post about our experience with private renting and I feel as though the correct amount of time has past so that will be coming very soon.


Anyway back to Number 27. 

When we moved in, house were still being built around us, we also didn't have a complete road. 

But when we moved here, we were struck straight away with how peaceful it all was... How quiet it was at night and how safe we immediately felt.  If we go into the spare bedroom, we can see farmland in the near distance. In fact I was tempted to swap the bedrooms around - but the spare bedroom has the perfect cut out to but a desk in there. 

I have nicknamed the house the "Hideaway". 

But I don't think that I would even formally change the name of the house. 


I recorded a video in which I gave a house tour when we moved in: 


I thought that I would give an update on the house in stages; 


We were very lucky that we didn't need to do much to the kitchen, it was all newly fitted and we even had a built in cooker. 

Despite the fact that we moved in on the 20th December, we managed to get a fridge and a washing machine delivered on Christmas Eve.  I was so excited because, it was the first time in two years that I had a freezer and I could actually keep food properly. 

We had a few dramas with the washing machine, because we ended up installing it ourselves. The hose that it came with was too short so Luke and Dad sorted it. 

However Luke forgot to take the bolts out of the drum, so the washing machine would walk across the floor and make an awful racket. Apparently we were very lucky that it didn't break. I think it was because we stopped it before the spin cycle could kick in. 

Luke and I like to call these kind of things 'learning points', as we have never had our own house before 


Carpets/ Rugs 

As you can see in the video, when we moved in there were no carpets, but there were floor coverings in the Kitchen and in the bathrooms. 

We acted as quickly as we could and got a local company out to come and give us quotes so we knew how much we needed to save up. 

Sadly, the material that we really want has been delayed in Holland due to euro tunnel strikes. We are happy to wait though as it is soft, durable and designed to be around pets. 

So for now, we are being patient and have placed some emergency rugs down!

Boots seems to like them! 


One of the main pros of the house is that we have a big garden, we wanted the cats to be able to go outside.  

We have been told to leave it alone for a couple of months so that it can set. So today, it go its first hair cut, we thought that it was time as the cats needed to wade through the grass rather than walk through it! 


Outside our home has now been finished. 

We have a front garden, we have paths and we have roads! 

Its been so lovely to see everything come together and I am secretly looking forward to the work being finished so that my car will no longer be dusty! 

We we one of the first houses to move in and now there is a whole street. 

I loved seeing that there were kids playing in the street, people are friendly and we see other animals moving in. 

There is a little sadness over the fact that Diego lost his life but I keep telling myself that it was a terrible accident and he didn't suffer. But we have to drive past the spot everyday, other than that the house is perfect. 

Plans for the future 

I was talking to Luke about the future of the house and I think we are seeing a joint plan now. 

We have agreed to do it room by room, leaving the spare room til last. 

This is because it is currently full of boxes so if we empty them out to the other rooms then the job will become easier. It is also the cat's safe room so they know they can hide in their if needed. 

I would rather not take that away from Boots until I needed to. 

The room will always be theirs, but there will be a time when we are doing it up. 

We are going to start with the Living room, it is also the first room that is going to be carpeted and painted. 

I think this makes sense because then guests have somewhere to come and relax without worrying about having somewhere to sit.  We also want to get a dining room table in here as I know that our parents are itching to come round and we have the option of making food for them. 

I plan to do separate blog posts, for each rooms. I have been finding inspiration everywhere for the designs that I want. 

I have then been using them to stalk ideas on pinterest. 

I have found that I don't mind missing out on takeaways and days out and treats if it means that I get to make this house a haven. 


So thats it for now, theres been some change but some not. 

I think when the carpets finally come in, that change will happen alot quicker. 

The ultimate desire is to have the living room finished by Christmas, so that it is comfy cosy. 

But there is alot to get - A Sofa, a Dining Room, New Tv and a fireplace. 

But more on this very soon! 


So for now

Thanks for reading 

Rebekah Mary 


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