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Hello Everyone, 

So I have been finding myself looking back a couple of years on blog posts and on instagram pictures that I took for the blog.  

The main reason for this was to try and gather as many images as I could of Boots and Diego, so I could post them on the Diego the Wonder Cat insta. 

I was struck by how happy I looked and how much I took care of my appearance and now well... its just not been the case for the longest time. 

I used to take alot of pride in arranging my pictures and planning my look but over the past couple of years, this all changed.

 I realised a little while ago that I believe the place we were living was the cause of it. 

I was living in a place I hated, that was unpresentable, my clothes were crumpled, my makeup was being attacked by  mould and I was miserable. 

I felt like any pictures I took would be crap. 

All the self care routines that I had went out the window - I used to have a long bath every weekend in which I would treat my face, hair and nails. 

But as the bath was broken in the old flat, I felt as though I didn't want to do that. 

I am going to try and bring this back in the new house as everything has suffered - my skin is all red, my hair is weak and my self pride has gone. 

To encourage myself to keep to this, I am going to try and keep a real focus on writing Beauty posts and fashion posts. 

I'm also going to stop going to PJs at ever opportunity, its time to start dressing like a functioning human being again.

I loved sharing my passion with you - which was beauty but I stopped buying things as they kept getting ruined and I just stopped caring. 

But no more! 

I am using all these old pictures as motivation as I know that I should be able to get back into it. 

I also pledge to actually explore all the beauty boxes that I get as I used to be so excited for them and now I kind of just place them to one side for a couple of months and then maybe look at them. 

I guess I just want my passion for my own look to come back. 

So Watch this space! 

The Hideaway is going through a regeneration, I know that writing about my life does help... but I think this space has become a downer and a bit of a rant space. 

It's time to focus on the good as well

Thanks for reading 

Rebekah Mary 

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