Dear Diego 7th April 2019

Hello Everyone, 

This is the second post to Diego 

So once again, it might be a little emotional, although I think that most of my tears are out and now I am just adjusting to the reality that this is the 'new normal'

Once again, thank you to everyone for your support, its meant so much and kept me strong when I thought I wanted to crumble. 


Dear Diego, 

It's now two weeks and two days since you were taken away. 

I still cannot think why you were anywhere near that road - it was so unlike you. 

I guess it might be true that you were being chased. I hope it wasn't that fox. I hate the thought that you were scared at the end. Especially as the final blow was instant. 

I try my best not to think about the end. 

Even though I can see the spot from my bedroom window. When we drive past it, I think of you and try to think of you playing and not the other thing.... 

I had a dream about you last night that you came home, and when I woke up it turned out that your Dad had the exact same dream. As if nothing ever happened.  I guess you were trying to tell us you were waiting for us and you are happy. 

Our little guiding spirit

It was nice to see you bouncing about and happy. 

Since I last wrote to you, you have come home. 

On Monday we got the call and we headed over to the vet and picked you up. 

I rested you on my lap and you were strangely warm and I spoke to you all the way home.  I had so much to tell you. 

When I placed you in the house, I cried but I think it was relief, relief that you were back with us. 

I stroked you and held you and I felt at peace. 

You now sit in the living room, wrapped in your kitten blanket and we make sure that we talk to you everyday and give you a little pet. I finally got to say those things that were bottled up. 

I'm so glad you are here, I've slept properly for the first time in what feels like forever.  You are finally warm and safe and I will never let anyone else hurt you. 

I know that you see everything now and that you know where we went on Friday night. 

I like to think the dream was you telling us that you are ok with it. 

I know that as you were a kind and loving cat that you would want us to try and give another creature a home. 

But I am going to ensure that your chicken and blanket stay with you. They are both still covered in your fur and I cannot bring myself to wash them. 

Things are gonna start changing around here very soon, the carpets are finally going in... but  you will now be a part of it. 

It hurts me to think you will never see this place complete. 

But I also understand that it is unhealthy to dwell too much and that we need to start making plans for the future. 

Boots is fine by the way, he bought three mice home this weekend! A personal best! 

He's gotten alot better at night but he is still a little clingy. 

We finally cut the jungle outside and found all your little presents you left behind... 

Time moves on, and so must we.

 But that doesn't mean you aren't in my heart, every single day. Your image on my phone and my watch to give me strength. 

I love you and will write to you soon. 



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