May Goals '19

Hello Everyone!

It's been a little while. 

I find that when the house is in a state of flux, that I struggle to sit and find a quiet corner. 

We are moving everything round at the moment and having workmen in and out. 

I'm hoping that by December, the living room will be all decorated with most of its forever furniture.

 I have a clear image in my mind and I just hope that we keep saving and with our determination to make it come to life. 

It all focuses around Christmas and having our fireplace in. 

The cats both sit on a cuddly rug in front of the fire, more than likely asleep as we watch Home Alone on the TV mounted to the wall.

 On the fireplace sits some stockings and the curtains are drawn as the fire dances. Luke and I are sitting together on our new sofa, eating some sort of snack and drinking a tassimo drink.

  A sense of calm and pride hangs over us as we both take a breath and realise that all of the struggles of last year and the grief of the start of the year was leading us somewhere.


So many things are changing in my life..The house, the carpets and the painting, work, Diego and Teddy. Its just alot to take in. 

So I have taken my time to process everything and stayed away from filming and writing. 

I just wanted, as one of my goals for last month, to live in the present. It really did help.

But its time to get back to the passions, back to the blog. 


So with all this in mind, it's time for some May Goals. 

My vibe for this month is centered around the house as we will soon have another member of the family joining us soon (more on that later). 

In this month, I plan to try and get back into daily reading and also to take some time for myself.

 I am trying to find more ways to wean myself off of Twitter and Facebook. 

I am once again finding myself scrolling way too much and checking up on people that I haven't seen in years. 

It's shocking how much social media will tell you without actually talking to someone. I stopped updating my personal profiles along time ago but I still sat scrolling... Even at work, so I have started watching tv series at lunch, I might even try to take my book back in. 

Also spoilers are bloody annoying. 


I plan to film all of these goals as I used to. Extra motivation and all that. 


1) To Finish Zelda, Breath of the Wild 

This month's gaming goal is a big one. Zelda is a stunning game that I first bought with my Switch. I want to dedicate some time to it. I have done the first couple of missions / temples and gained my glider. I have no idea how long the game is, but I look forward to finding out who the strange old man is and the overall story. 

2) To Catch up on Game of Thrones 

So you can't escape this show wherever you are in the world. I made the decision to do one final run through from series one to series eight a couple of weeks ago.  I am currently on Series 5, Episode 2. In this month. it will end forever. I plan to catch up and watch the final episode with Luke. HOPEFULLY WITH NO SPOILERS. 

Ruined the battle of Winterfell for Luke and I 

3) To Go to the New Adventure Golf in Rushden Lakes 

Ever since this was announced as opening, Luke and I have wanted to go. I have never played a proper round of adventure golf and this one is right on our doorstep! 

4) To integrate  the cats as best I can and not to rush the process 

A bit of a spoiler for a future post, but Luke and I are bringing a Kitten home this Friday.  Its very important to me that this is done in the right way.

 We realised very quickly that Boots is lonely and struggling without Diego. 

So when the kitten comes home I want to be careful not to overwhelm either of them. 

I have taken the week off of work to get them used to each other as I hate the idea of them being in separate rooms. But I understand that as Teddy is so small, this is a necessary precaution for a while. 

5) To resume my learning of German and Japanese 

 I was really passionate about my language learning, but I think recent events just knocked the wind out of my sails.

 I want to jump back on learning as it is something that I really enjoy. 

I have some great apps on my phone that just make it all so much easier 

6) To cook at least three meals a week from scratch 

I really enjoy cooking, so I figured that as I would be at home a lot more that I wanted to try and learn some new dishes and some new skills. 

Its also part of a little money experiment that I am doing. As part of this I want to make Pocket pasta! 

7) To finish Theme Hospital 

I'm still working on this from March. The game is getting sooooo hard, but I WILL finish it! 


Thats it for the goals - I will do a review of April's goals soon! 

So for now, 

Thanks for Reading 

Rebekah Mary 


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