My Fitness Journey

Hello Everyone, 

I hope that you are all having an amazing Easter Weekend. 

I am personally catching up on alot of TV and relaxing in the sun. 

I am trying to be good and making sure that I still go to the gym however. 


Which brings me on the subject of this post. 

As you know, I have always been honest and candid about my weight and the attempt to get myself into a good shape. 

My aim is to try and make myself stronger, I want to be able to pull myself up (unassisted).  

 I'm not training for anything in particular, I just think its time I took the reigns in my body journey. 

I came up with the idea of sharing my journey on my Instagram stories, so that I could use it as a source of inspiration. 


So here we go.

The first picture on the left is me at the end of 2017 and the right is the end of 2018. 

I had made a fair bit of progress without the gym - I cancelled my membership early as I thought my moving date was going to be October but dragged out til December.

I missed the physical and mental benefits that the gym offers, I used to have to walk through town to get to the gym so that also used to clear my mind. 

However, Northampton Town Centre is a dangerous place after dark so I would sprint home some nights.

 Also we would pass alot of food places on the way home... so we did end up indulging. 


Fast Forward to February, and we went to a new gym next to the new house. 

I immediately felt at home there, the gym is so welcoming, so clean, so inviting and the machines actually work! 

The old gym, was cheap and the machines were hogged by people just sitting on social media. The new gym is alot more expensive (which is discounted by my workplace) so people that pay to go there seem to actually want to work out. 

It also has a pool and classes - I have fallen in love with Yoga and the amazing effects it has on mind and body.

The Left hand side picture was the first day back at the gym and the right hand side was two weeks later. The effects were immediate. 


However, when tragedy stuck in March - I stopped going to the gym. I was struggling to find a reason why I should carry on, but I did in the end. 

The most heartbreaking thing was that the spot in which Diego died, can be seen from the top floor of the gym. 

But eventually it was Yoga that pulled me back. 

I find that the mediation or yoga sleep at the end makes things come to the forefront of my mind. 

In fact I've had two revelations and one weird experience. 

The revelations are personal but the weird experience, I will talk about. 

The instructor talked about a white light that was protecting us, he went through all the colours actually, as soon as he said Red, I thought of Boots, Pink, I thought of Lizzie and so on. 

The White light was where I got a little emotional, I started crying in my head and then actually. 

It was my Diego, and I think it brought the feelings that I had quashed to the surface. 

It really helped me to ease my mind. 


So, I started tracking my weight in March and I weighed myself yesterday - I am officially 8lbs down.

I was amazed as I took time off the gym to grieve. 

It's going to be a long road, but I happy to say that I am happy to be travelling down it at my own pace. 

I will never be the skinniest or what not but I'm happy to be taking you all on this journey with me! 


So for now, 

Thanks for reading 

Rebekah Mary 


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