April '19 Goal Results

Hello Everyone, 

Another month has been and gone. 

April was a month of rebuilding and recovering after an awful event. 

It was also the time of Easter and relaxing. 

I even saw both sides of a rainbow.

The world carried on and so did we, even though at points we wanted to give up. 

The below goals really helped me as they gave me a focus outside of work. 


Here they were: 

 I want to finish Theme Hospital   - Ongoing 

Again, this game has beat me for another month. But as I need to be at home for Teddy for the next month, I will be able to put as much time in as needed. 

People just keep dying in the corridors! 

 I want to try and make my own pocket Pasta. - Ongoing 

I decided to move this goal to May as one of my new goals is focusing around cooking and I needed some ideas for dishes to make. 

As I hadn't yet done this one, I wanted to combine them together. 

 To go for a walk around Rushden Lakes - Complete

I must admit that when I set this goal, I wasn't even sure of how to access the lakes to walk around them. 

I had gotten the idea from my Dad as he mentioned that it was a nice little area to explore. 

We went mid way through April, walked past the shops and around one of the nature trails. 

We love going to areas like this... so many ducks and dogs to see! 

It took us about 45 mins to walk around the main lake and there were many views to enjoy 

We want to come back and go on the pedalows in the summer as the prices are very reasonable, plus its something that we have never done together. 

I might let Luke do all the paddling....

I think the walk made Luke realise how much he wants to get his new camera. 

 He's very much into photography but due to the move, he doesn't have his camera anymore.

 So we are hoping that we can get him a new one for the Summer so he can be let loose again.

That and he can help me with Photos for the blog haha

To Finish the First Spyro Game - Complete 

I'm proud to say that I managed to finish a game within a month like I did in
 January and February. 

In terms of goals, March was a write off. So I just need to do two games in one of the upcoming months to keep up with my new year's resolution. 

I didn't get 100 percent on all the levels, but soon I will go back and sort this out. 

I managed to get a fair few of the trophies though! 

 To do right by Boots - Complete

I guess this is an ongoing goal, but I like to think that I have made strides towards completing it 

Boots really suffered after we lost his brother as did we.

 As a family, we all had a horrible dark cloud over us.

 As you might know, I put my grief into blog posts, pictures and creating a story, but Cats grief in a different way. 

I noticed that Boots became alot more vocal - especially at night. 

I noticed that he hated the darkness at night and he would claw me awake at night to tell me. 

He would claw me awake, just so he could sit on me for a cuddle or so he could get pets from me.  To be honest, I wasn't really resting so this was fine and it made me feel less lonely.

I have also noticed that there is now a reluctance in Boots to go out when I first open the door. He looks back at me as if to say, Do I need to?

 As if he wants me to check that the coast is clear first - this might be because he saw what chased Diego prior to his accident.  I go into the garden and he follows me, I tell him I love him and to be safe and off he goes. 

He might see it as my brother went out here and never came back.

 For a bit he would save half of his food for Diego, as they always swapped bowls half way through a meal.

He also has become alot more attached to me in particular, where as he was always Luke's cat.

 So for the past month, I have spent more time at home, just hanging with Boots. 
 Letting him cuddle when he needs to, keeping him safe, talking to him more, not yelling him at the little accidents he might have had and mainly just being positive around him. 

I can tell Boots is lonely, so we have taken step to change this, no matter how much it has broken my heart.

  More on this later

To try and live in the moment  - Complete 

I have found that weekly Yoga has really helped with this goal... What I wanted to achieve was just trying to get my brain to relax. 

I worry that I plan everything in my life that I don't allow myself to appreciate the small moments. 

So I told myself that I could only plan certain things - so the house and the carpets and money beforehand. 

Everything else, well, I wanted to let life take charge. 

I now love the thought of being at work and not having a plan for the evening - unless its a booked gym class. 

I have found that I have allowed myself time to heal and to focus on other things. 

I should have done this ages ago. 

To Make a dent in the 100 film list - Complete 

When I went into the month, I had only watched 8/100 films. I had a look and I managed to watch another 8. 

I feel like I could have watched more, but I am currently binge watching Game of Thrones, so that took some time. 

I also only counted the ones that I watched from the start to the end credits, otherwise it felt like cheating. 

But I did what I wanted to do, which was get closer to the 100 film target.

 I'm a little worried that with five months down, I should have been closer to 50 but, there is still time. 


So that's all the goals for April, to see what I am working on for May, please check out my previous blog post below. 

Thanks for reading, 

 Rebekah Mary 


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