Meet Teddy!

Hello Everyone!

It's time to officially introduce our new Kitten to the blog.

So, meet Teddy!

Teddy is coming home tomorrow and is nine weeks old at the writing of this post. 

As you can see he is all white except for three black spots on his head.  I'm in love with his pink ears, pink beans and pink nose.

I was very lucky to meet him at just two weeks old, so I have watched him grow. 

He is from a litter of just two kittens, so he has had alot of attention from Mum, the other kitten is also a boy. 

It was important to me that we adopted a kitten 'in the right way'. 

So to us, this was the exact opposite of how we got Boots and Diego. 

As you know, we love our two fluff balls, but they didn't have the easiest start in life.

 Their Mum wasn't around and Diego was very underweight that led to alot of sleepless nights for us. 

They also came home way earlier than they should have.

 They didn't know how to do alot of basic things that we had to try and teach them and thankfully they taught each other. 

I think this is why Boots is so lost without his brother. 

But Teddy couldn't have had a better start and I couldn't have asked for more from the Cat Parents. 

In fact, Teddy's homecoming has been delayed because we all agreed he needed a little more time for his vaccinations. 

I feel as though he has been put first whereas Boots and Diego were seen as a nuisance. 

We debated for ages about the kitten's name because until last week, we didn't know the gender. 

We had two names, Rosie and Teddy. They are a play on our street name, Rossetti. 

It's quite funny as he is now super fluffy as is Mum, so he's growing into his name already. 

I went through so may different names such as Kakashi and Hedwig and Albus... even Aslan. But none of them fit him. 

Also Kakashi is my future dogs name ahaha. 

Teddy also is a name that we can change... what I mean by this is that with Boots for example, he has so many different variations of his name

Bootah- Chan

So we figured we could do the following: 

Ed (when he's older)
Edward (when Naughty) 


I'll be honest Luke and I are super nervous to have another kitten and to integrate him in with Boots. It's been five years since we had our last baby cat. 

But we have done alot of reading, we have prepared the house and prepared ourselves.

Only time will tell how well the two boys get on. 

I will update you on the progress. 

If we find certain things work then I will share some tips on the blog 

But for now, thanks for reading 

Rebekah Mary


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