New Year Goals - Four months in


I thought that as we are now through the first third of the year, it might be a good time to look through my New years Resolutions to see how they are going. 

I think by now, people have normally forgotten them. I was determined that I wouldn't do this so I set goals, some with time frames to motivate me. 

I thought it might be a good way for me to see how much I've done and what I need to refocus on:

I split them into different topics,

The first being Financial goals - They are: 

To be Overdraft free by June (without going into amounts) - Making progress 

I am happy to say that in February, I cleared my personal overdraft and we only have the joint one to go.

 Moving into our first owned home was a lot more expensive than I thought, even after we got the keys. There was alot of stuff to buy and install. 

But I am happy to say that I did the math yesterday and the second overdraft will be cleared by 31st June. So we are on target still! 

To Carpet the house completely by 31st December 2019 - Nearly there! 

After all the initial important costs were covered, we decided to focus on the carpets as it was no fun living with floorboards and concrete on the floor. 

It was damaging the furniture and also annoying the cats, it was also impossible to dust and clean the kitchen. 

So far, we have had the Living Room done and the main bedroom so over 3/4 of the house is done at the time of writing. 

The kitchen and the two bathrooms already had flooring. 

We have planned to have the last bit - the halls, stairs, landing and spare bedroom done by the end of June.  

This gives Teddy some time to feel comfortable in the house. 

So if this remains the same, then we will smash this target by 6 months :)

To enjoy the house and to stay in more aka save some money!  - Working on it 

I will not lie, Luke and I were in a pattern when we first moved in. 

We would see getting food as a way to escape the house. But as we no longer live in a hostile environment, we don't need to do this. 

But it took a while for us to know that it was ok to stay and relax at home. 

I know this seems a little strange to hear but we were so conditioned to threats and intimidation that we had to tell ourselves it was ok to relax. 

I think with the introduction of carpets, everything is so cozy. 

Even Boots is walking around and just jamming on the floor. 

He isn't fighting us for furniture or for the bed. He has his one spot in the bedroom  (next to a radiator, next to the bed, in view of the door, on the carpet).

When all the furniture is in and the rooms are done, hopefully we will never want to go out! 

To achieve proper savings by December 2019 - Not Yet 

As we are paying off overdrafts and paying for carpets, it hasn't left alot left over for savings. 

I was always told that its irresponsible to have savings but not to be financially straight. So after the last overdraft is cleared in June and the last carpets get installed, we can start putting real money aside.  


The next lot of goals are Mental Health Goals 

To try and read at least one book a month - On Target 

Technically, I am still on the same book since January, but as it is the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes, I have read four books with in it. 

I am hoping that once it is finished, I can read something from another genre. 

I won three months with amazon Kindle prime so I might be able to find something I love for free. 


To Keep up Learning German and Japanese  - On Target 

I took a little break in March. 

But I am back on the learning.

 I still really want to try and do part of a video in German and try to read a whole manga in Japanese in December... but time will tell.  I try to do 30 mins a day. 

To Try and do some Yoga Classes - Done 

I am doing at least one a week now and I am fully in love with Yoga. I have spoken about this before. But I love it for the mental element more than the physical element. 

I find the Yoga sleep at the end really helps my head.  This goals was to just try and get the confidence to go to just one class. So I think its been a real success! 

To try and go on a holiday somewhere in 2019  Not Yet 

We haven't done this one as we are trying to be responsible adults who are good with money. 

Also with the introduction of a new kitten, if this goal happens it won't be until November/ December I think. I still want to go away, so never say never. 


To keep blogging and Filming throughout 2019  - Need to get back on this one

I have been getting alot better with blogging, trying to stay one ahead. But I haven't filmed since January. 

A major reason for this is that I felt like I couldn't film the house without carpets. 

Then Diego happened and I felt like I couldn't sit in front of the camera and remain positive. 

But I now feel like I have lots of ideas. 

Watch this space 


To keep up a journal of thoughts and reflections through 2019  - Ongoing 

I have been keeping up my journal but because my head is clearer its mainly full of lists and charts and sums. 

I think it evolves with me. 

If I need to write an entry I do. I also keep all of my weigh in tickets in there as well. 

To Try and Finish a game a month - On Target 

I have thus far completed three games - I omitted March as I plan to do a double game month. 

 I have completed Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, Spyro the Dragon and Pokemon, Let's go Pikachu. 

This month I am working on Zelda Breath of the Wild & Theme Hospital 

To Watch 100 Films by 2020 - OnGoing 

I challenged myself to watch 100 films by the end of the year and I also made this one of my goals for April. 

I am currently on 16. So there is along way to go. 

I am only counting if I watch from the start to the end credits. Otherwise I feel as though it is cheating to dip in and out of a film

The final lot of goals are Health Goals

To go back to the gym and to maintain a healthy routine - but to include cheat days - Ongoing 

I am happy to say that since we joined the gym in February, we have been doing well with going to the gym. 

I have really taken to Yoga and I recently discovered that I love swimming. We are doing the Race for life in September so there is something to train for. 


To maintain a Vegan Diet for health reasons  - Ongoing 

I am happy to say that I am still maintaining this. It is important to me that I don't eat animals and contribute to their suffering. 


So all in all, I'm not doing too badly. 

Just a few things to maintain and to focus on. 

I plan to review again after the second third of the year has passed - so in September. 

I'm looking forward to see what can be achieved in the next couple of months! 

Thanks for Reading 

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