July Goals

Heeelllooo Everyone, 

It's time to set some July Goals. 

July is probably the most exciting month for me as it is the start of my Birthday Month!

I also have a bit of time off from work meaning that I have longer to be able to do things.  I have drawn a line under all the other goals that I had previously tried to achieve.

 I will get back to them, but I think I need to have a think first. 

I feel like I am going through a new beginning at the moment, but more on that in my June post that will be coming in the next couple of days. 


So here are the goals: 

1) I want to take a trip to IKEA 

As all the carpets are in, it's time to actually get some forever furniture. Luke and I have been scouting it since the start of the year, so in some rooms we know exactly what we want. 

It was just a case of saving up and waiting as there was no point buying it as it would have had to be moved around when the carpets were being laid. 

On this trip I want to get the dining room table and chairs and also a Shed. 

I also in this goal want to build them so that the living room and garden can start to come to life. Also the shed will free up a few boxes in the spare room. It's all about playing the long game. 

I also said to Luke that he can try the legendary meatballs when we go as we have never eaten there together before. 

2) To find everything's forever home and have a tidy up. 

This goal feeds off of the first one. The last carpets went in last week and once again the whole house was moved around and we haven't set it all back to where it needs to be. 

I want to take this opportunity to have a clear out. I started in November when we were packing the old flat up but as time was of the essence I ended up packing everything else extremely quickly. Now feels like the right time. 

The only room that can't meet this goal is the spare room as some of the stuff in there is awaiting a bit of furniture (A desk, a cupboard and a bookcase etc) 

3) I want to take a day trip somewhere new 

I want to just jump in the car and discover what we can in a day. In the back of my mind I want to either go to the seaside, but somewhere that neither of us have been or go to somewhere like Cambridge. I have only been their briefly on a University trip.

Watch this space

4) I want to have a couple of movie marathons. 

I am still on the 100 movies by 2020 challenge and I am now on 26.

 As we are half way through the year, I need to push. So I am planning on having a couple of marathons to boost it. Also my BT box is rammed full of films... so it will help that issue too. 

Plus I think I need to make some time for myself as June was a little crazy. 

5) To Start the Couch to 5K App 

I have the Race for Life in September and I need to prepare.  

I downloaded the BBC Couch to 5K app and it takes a couple of months so now is the time to start.

  We have a lovely green area behind the house that I plan to use, its just having the drive and motivation to start! 

I have previously ran the Tough Mudder so I think I just need to get moving and remember all the techniques that I learned. 


So that is what I will be working towards, I will be filming these goals. 

Thanks for reading 

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