The Start of Summer

Helloooo Everyone, 

It'e been a long time since I posted last. 

I'll be honest, it was due to personal circumstances, but everything is fine now. 

For the last time, I am ready to pick myself back up and get posting and filming again.

I feel as though I needed to make a couple of changes until I was finally happy with moving forward.  

I made a couple of big changes and a couple of small ones to achieve this. 

Some simple and some painful but it had to be done.

But I don't want to talk too much about it in this post as I want this post to be short and sweet. 


But the first big change has been to my head, more specially, my hair! 

I now have Auburn hair. 

I have wanted to make a radical change for a while, but I have not wanted to stain my new beautiful bathroom so Luke treated me to a trip to the hairdressers. 

I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted but she mixed a custom colour for me. I couldn't have asked for anymore! 

I wanted a colour that made my greeny blue eyes stand out and I think this colour achieves it. 

I also got a full fringe cut in as well! 


I have been watching over Boots and Ted also.

Teddy is now 15 weeks old and is growing so fast!

 I tried to pick him up with one hand as I normally do, but he is alot rounder so I can't do it anymore. 

My little kitten is getting smarter and faster and is copying his big brother Boots. 


One thing is for sure, I have really missed blogging. 

I was worried that my posts might have been read and would have been used against me. 

But I have decided to return as it felt like losing a part of me. 

Not only that but the blog hit 200K views while I was gone! 

So I have made myself promise that I will stay up to date. 

I do want to take a little more time and take better pictures as I think they could be alot better. 

I have alot to write about however, I have drawn a line under certain topics as I think that I would always be playing catch up. 


So the purpose of this post is to reopen the Hideaway, to kind of explain where I have been and to say that I plan to come back. 

I now have a little comfy office to write from so I have no excuses. 

Before I go, I thought that I would mention that I updated the Main Channel twice in my blogging Hiatus and you can see them below. 

The first one was an introduction to Ted and the second was a little trip to the mini golf! 


I'm sorry if this post is a little mismatched. I promise that the ones that follow won't be. 

But for now, thank you for reading. Things are changing. But that's ok 

Rebekah Mary 


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