A Little Division and change

Hellloooo Everyone, 

It's me, the blogger that seems to only post updates and goals every once in a while. 

Welllll I intended to post a long post today, however I have spent this rather hot sweaty day doing something else. 

For a while I have felt like my content has been a little squashed together and a little muddled. 

 I have a blog, a project and two youtube channels all accessing the same social media page and it was impossible to find anything on there. 


So yesterday, as I sat in the hairdressers hair, going back to being a red head... I decided to take the leap and create each project it's own instagram, twitter and Facebook. 

So please see the relevant pages below: 

For this blog (Hideaway Blogging) 

Twitter @Hideawayblogs 
Instagram @hideawayblogging 
Facebook @Hideawayblogging 

For Hideaway Gaming 

Twitter @hideawaygaming 
Twitch @hideawaygames 
Instagram @hideawaygaming 
Facebook @Hideawaygamings

For Diego The Wonder Cat 

Twitter : @Diegothewonder 
Instagram : @diegothewondercat
Facebook @diegothewondercat 


Setting up and linking all these pages has taken all day, which I didn't expect... but its all done now and working so hopefully everything is clearer! 

I designed it this way so that you can follow the bits you want or you can still follow all of them... the choice is yours. 

This is current breakdown of topics :

Hideaway The blog (here) : Beauty, lifestyle, House and Travel

Hideaway Gaming : Will solely focus on Gaming 

Diego the Wonder cat : stories, writing and an abundance of cat memes and updates on my fluff balls. 


As you know, I like to write about all the above so there will still be posts about games and progress with Diego. 

So, I hope all the above makes sense. 

I will be back soon with a proper post and I plan to give the pages on the blog a refresh. 

Plus I think its time for another layout refresh. 

But until then, 

Thanks for reading 

Rebekah Mary 

 Twitter : @hideawayblogs

Instagram : @hideawayblogging

Youtube : Hideaway Blogging 

Facebook : Hideawayblogging


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