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Hiya everyone, 

I am back, I'm not going to lie, I didn't plan to take a break at all. 

I just felt as though, I should stay off my own social media... I deleted my Facebook, put Insta and Twitter on private and sadly this meant that the blog's pages went down as well. 

This really gutted me as Hideaway, as you know is my outlet and I felt as though if I wrote anything it might have been taken in a negative light. 

If I filmed anything, my words might be misinterpreted and it wasn't worth the stress. 

Because, it already happened over one picture, which has since been deleted. 

 I originally wanted to do the 365 day challenge from my birthday to my next birthday.

 But sadly, I took my page onto private so I stopped. It took a couple of people to tell me that I needed to restore my power, to get back on the horse and do what made me happy... because it felt like my left arm had been cut off. 

I suddenly had all this time to sit and mope about being separated from my Hideaway and my Diego project. As we know, I don't think I would have gotten through my grief so quickly if I didn't have a place to share my thoughts and feelings. 

It really affected my head not toe be able to access the Hideaway.... in a week that I already was dealing with so much personally. Work sucked, and my personal life took a dip and it all just began to feel too much. 

I started to distance myself from everyone and everything. I even sat in my bed one night, just to cry it all out.

 Anxiety and Depression suck. 


I know that I am being vague and at the moment, I cannot go into why... as I am worried that my words will be misinterpreted as I stated before. 

Just know, that I'm back for the final time, I am overcoming my anxiety in this matter and I have alot to write about and film. 

I realised that I haven't even shared my birthday with you guys, which is a shame as it was AN AMAZING DAY.  I will change this. 

I have also given myself the safety net of having my own personal pages back that I can put them into private and delete them temporary if needed to. 

Now each part of the blog has it's own space on the social media platforms of choice. 

Again sorry for being vague, at some point I'll let you all know what going on. 


In order to get my life and what not back on track, I have decided that not only will I have yearly and monthly goals... for the time being I will have Weekly goals. 

I feel like I just need to focus my mind to get back to where I want to be. 

A kind of rebuild and reboot. 


So this week, in the run up to September, I wish to do the following: 

(these will run from Tuesday to Tuesday (due to the Bank Holiday that was hotter than the sun so I felt as though I couldn't move)

  § To not chase anyone this week 

What I mean it this - I spend a lot of time reaching out to people first, checking that they are ok first... I keep the conversations going. But I feel as though I don't get this back all the time. The past week has been eye opening, so I'm just gonna not bother for a bit - in short it really effed with my head. In the nicest way. I'm just not going to put too much pressure on myself 

§ To Tidy up the house 

Self explanatory - butttt the heatwave meant that I haven't been able to deep clean stuff as I would like so.. it's time to jump on it as it cools down. 

§ To move the new Ikea stuff in and the old stuff out 

I bought a tonne of stuff from Ikea on Saturday, its time to pack and remove all the old stuff. I am planning on donating some stuff and recycling the rest. 

§ To read a chapter a night 

I am currently reading A Storm of Swords : Steel and Snow. It's interesting to see how much has already been left out by the Game of Thrones Tv Series and it's a great way to unwind after work. 

§ To do at least five minutes of learning German and Japanese a night. 

I said five minutes in case I really don't have any time as ten minutes total isn't that much in a 24 hour day. 

§ To start Retro Corner on Hideaway Gaming 

This is something that I planned to do in July so all the base work is there I just need to point and shoot. Watch this space 

§ To go the gym at least once 

Straight forward - I have indulged over the Bank holiday so I need to get some exercise in me. 

§ Go to the cinema 

I really want to go and see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. 

§ Bake a cake

I have all the ingredients and the Great British Bake off is back on Tuesday, so seems like the perfect time to be honest... 


So that's it for this week... I don't know if I will be doing this long term. But for now, I know this is going to help focus my mind. 

I will be posting my September Goals shortly, along with some birthday content anddddddd alot of other stuff. 

So, as always,

Thanks for reading 

Rebekah Mary 

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Instagram : @hideawayblogging

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