September Goals '19

Hello Everyone, 

The summer is almost at the end... and it's almost time for the best season to start.

Autumn / Fall! 

I cannot wait for the new cosy season to begin in my new house and I have many things planned for it.

In order to be able to afford this, I am trying to stay in and not spend too much money. 

Forever furniture is expensive, but definitely worth it. 

So I have tailored my goals to be things that I already have or won't cost the earth! 


These will all be filmed, for the first time this year and put on the Hideaway Blogging Channel. 

The only thing that I am unsure about its the gaming goals. 

I might do a separate video for Hideaway Gaming?

We'll see 


1) To start 'Retro Corner' on the gaming channel 

I've spoken about this one briefly, but I came up with the idea that I wanted to finally beat all those games that as I kid, I gave up on.  

I thought that if I could make it so I could film it that it could be really fun. So thats what I'm gonna do! 

Watch this space 

2) To create and update a Gym progress tracker spreadsheet 

I need something to focus on in terms of the gym. 

But I don't want it to be weight orientated, as i think that is demotivating and not healthy. 

So I want to make a spreadsheet in which I track the weights that I use and the duration of what I can do. 

Just so I can physically see the progress that I am make on a micro level and on a macro level.

3)  To Try and Only have one Takeaway before 22nd September 

This is tied into my health and money. I am going to write a post about this, but I make myself a little promise only 28th birthday. 

I realised that the diet that I am on is not healthy and its probably ageing my body horribly. Even on a vegan diet. 

SO the first thing to go is takeaways... when I moved into my house I would eat one a day. I'm on about three a week at the moment if I am completely honest. 

So I am challenging myself to only eat one takeaway before pay day. I think that this will be the hardest goal as I set this in August and ended up eating alot of them. 

This is now my biggest weakness so I know that if I conquer this, I will thank myself for it in the long run 

4)  To try and finish as many films and TV shows as I can 

I set this goal in August and I really enjoyed it. 

I am now on 44 / 100 films watched for 2019 and this time last month I was 20 worse off. So I am making some progress! 

I am also knee deep in a lot of TV Series, so it's good to finish them off. 

5) To finish two books - A Storm of Swords : Steel and Snow & ?

I want to end the year on 12 books finished. To keep up with it I need to double up on books til the end of the year. 

I am super into my Game of Thrones' books as I hated the ending of the TV show... So I am interested to see what he does. Apparently some fans have guessed right ? 

I have put a question mark for the second book cos I don't know what mood I will be in when I finish the first one.... 

6) Finish two games - Crash Team Racing & Zelda Breath of the Wild 

I wouldn't be me, without a gaming goal. 

Again, I wanna finish the year on 12 games completed - one for each month so I need to at least double them up.

 I know that the gaming channel will help with this, IF I EVER ACTUALLY FINISH A PLAYTHROUGH. 

I have picked two different style of games, one a racing game and the other a switch portable game. 

It's time to get back into gaming and out of my sad slump! 

As I said. I am not sure as to whether I will film these goals separately or not. 

7) Finish New Weekly Goals 

This goal will only be active as long as I decide to do weekly goals. 

I started them as a way to get back on track with my head space. 

I will update on this goal weekly, believe it or not ;) 


So thats it for September, bring on crunchy leaves, hot drinks and blankets. 

Let me know what you are working on this month! 

Thanks for Reading 

Rebekah Mary 

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