Getting back into Youtube!

Hello Everyone, 

I realised that I started this post in August and never finished it. 

It made me chuckle when I read about the heatwave as at the moment, it's freezing in the UK. 

Autumn is well and truly here.

 But that's fine. I am now in a nice warm house complete with carpets!

I thought that I would keep the post intact for my own amusement... 

So let's travel back in time to August! 


I hope you are all ok and survived the heatwave that hit the UK. 

It's nice to have some warm weather, but sleeping is an issue, it got to 36 degrees in the midlands! 

Teddy says remember to drink guys! 

We have made sure that the cats are nice and cool and have bought them a snazzy cooling pad to share. 


I wanted to use this post to talk about what I have been up to. 

I have been a little quiet on the blog as I have been pouring my spare time into the two Youtube channels : Hideaway Gaming and Hideaway blogging. 

I have been feeling that spark come back and that desire to create. 


I will start with Hideaway Blogging 

I have published three videos: 

The first was a little catch up and a follow us around vlog. I didn't want it to be too long, but I wanted to show a few changes that were happening. 

I filmed a little catch up on my new years resolutions.

 I realised that I didn't actually set them on camera in January so it provided an opportunity to share them with you.

I also announced Diego the Wonder cat on the channel - previously I only mentioned it on the blog 

Finally, I put all the footage together from July, including my Birthday! 

I will be writing a whole post about this in the future as it was an amazing day. 


Next up is Hideaway Gaming 

I have been working on three playthroughs on the channel

I created a little competition between Luke and I - the loser has to play a scary game called Emily wants to play for 30 mins unedited.

Here are the stages so far:

Crash Team Racing

Kung Foot :

Overcooked Vs

I have been playing through Heavy Rain 

Here is the latest part:


So back to October Becky....

I have taken a little break again as I felt like I had to and I have been poorly.

But it's more than time to start Scartober and share some home developments.

Time to pick up the Camera again.


Thank you for reading my little journey through time!



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