October Goals 2019

Hello Everyone, 

The best quarter of the year has officially begun!

I've started to feel excited for the coming couple of months, which is a lovely feeling as this time last year, we were going through hell.

But as you all know, it was worth it because we got our beautiful house out of it! 

So because of this I want to go as extra as I possibly can for Halloween, Bonfire night and of course Christmas. 

I feel that a constructive way to get there is through the use of my monthly goals.... my biggest habit to do at the moment is to write a post and then forget to post the results. 

I say every time that this month will be different and I will film it. Well I've decided to under promise this month and hopefully overachieve by October 31st


So here are the goals (It's gonna be a busy month)

1) Watch one Horror Related Thing a day

I love spooky season, and I want to try and watch one thing a day... be it an episode of a TV show, an Episode of Anime or a film

2) Decorate the House 

I didn't get to decorate the flat last year and now I have my own house, I want to  go over the top. Well not too much, but enough to appreciate the holiday. 

3) Complete Three games 

It's getting cold outside so that means that it's gaming time. I have a couple on my list and for this month they are :

Crash Team Racing
Zelda Breathe of the Wild 
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 

4) Read three books 

So comfy cosy season also means more reading... So I also want to try and read three books this month starting with: 

A Storm of sword 

5) Create and Fill in a a gym Spreadsheet 

I need to get back in the gym, but I want a way to track my progress.  I figure that a spreadsheet is the best way to do this. 

6) Start Scaretober and Retro Corner 

I want to start two new sections on the gaming channel. I want to play games that I loved a kid and I also want to celebrate the spooky season too :) 

7) To Keep an eye on Boots 

Our kitten Boots, is poorly at the moment. He is just recovering from a bout of Feline Acne and he is losing a lot of weight. 

We think that it might be because Teddy, our other kitten, is stealing his food 

I want to make sure that I focus as much as I can on them. Even if that means separating them and spending more time at home 

8) Get the house ready for Autumn 

It's time to get the winter bedding out, the blankets out, the candles out. 

All the decorations out. 

It's time, to get COZY

9) To put Summer Clothes Away 

I have decided that because I am now in my own house, that I now have enough space to rotate my wardrobe. 

I still have alot of my winter clothes in storage bags. 

So it's time for a little reuniting and to save some space by putting summer stuff away! 


So those are the many many goals that I want to do this month. 

I am so excited for October! 

Let me know what you are aiming to do this month!

Thanks for reading 

Rebekah Mary 


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