2020 & New Year's Resolutions

Hello Everyone! 

Happy New year and a Happy New Decade! 

I hope that you all had a great time over not only New Year but over the whole festive period. 

It's no secret that my Favourite time of the year (October to December) has now come to an end.. so I am trying to adjust to the winter and the long nights that it brings. 

2019, was on a whole, a difficult year for me but in that, I have learnt alot of valuable lessons that will no doubt make me stronger. 

I will be writing a little summary post, so more on this later. 


It feels really good to be back both writing and filming. I say this every time that I take a break, but I genuinely felt like I had nothing  worth saying and that my face on camera would give away the struggle that I was internally battling. 

But in the last week, I jumped in front of the camera and showed off our living room that has been our project. As we are still trying to be careful with money and are paying off debts - it's still not finished. But in filming I realised that this time last year, we didn't even have carpets, so in fact we did make some pretty big footsteps towards the finished result.

You can see more about this here: 

I will be making best of 2019 videos for both the Gaming and the Lifestyle channel to remind me of some of the cool stuff that we did last year, just so after some of the dust has settled, I can try and just remember the good times. 

But remember the lessons. 


I took a little pledge to myself that when the clock struck midnight on January first, that the past became the past and that it would stay where it belonged. I will be kind to my myself as I realised quite quickly that I was my own worst enemy. 

So all those New Year's Resolutions that didn't get hit - I am going to incorporate them into this years... I was going so well until March and Diego's death... then all the bad events seemed to come one by one. 

But no more dwelling! 

Below are the revised New Year's resolutions for this year - Some area longer and some are just things that I put on to make sure that I get them done: 

(I have omitted a couple of ultra personal ones) 

1) To have Visited Croatia and Malta 

These are the two destinations that we have picked for holiday this year. 

We have already booked Malta - in fact we did this on New year's day. We haven't been abroad in a year - so I am looking forward to jumping on a plane - the last time we went to Malta it was a fleeting four day visit - so this way we have more time to enjoy and take in what we see. 

We have never been to Croatia so this will be a brand new adventure for the both of us. We will take you all with us on the lifestyle channel! 

2) To slim down and be in better shape - using the gym and WW 

Without going into exact measurements, in Feb 2019, I was the heaviest that I had ever been. I have lost weight since then - but it was a wake up call. 

I have in the last couple of weeks, joined WW. I will be giving this a good crack in the new year as the festive food period has come to an end. 

I am happy to say that I am seeing results already and have retuned to the gym. 

Just watch this space. 

3) To be completely Vegan 

I set this one every year - so not exactly new. I plan to feature recipes and new finds on the channel alot more this year to help those of you that are team Green / plant based 

4) To breathe new life into my wardrobe. 

Alot of my clothes are falling apart as are my shoes and accessories. 

 The reason for this is simple - We had been focusing on the house a little too much - also at the start of the year with moving into a new build there was alot to pay for.

We also spent a fair bit of money on eating out where we could have been saving and adopting a kitten isn't cheap either. 

My clothes gave into wear and tear and it made me feel disheartened about my appearance - everything has a knock on effect. So both Luke and I have committed to buying at least one bit of clothing a month to build ourselves back up to where we want to be

5) To buy a new Sofa and matching Pouffe 

This is one of those shorter goals that I mentioned and these items are actually next on the list to buy for the house 

We have always had second hand sofas, so in the seven years that we have lived together this is the first time in being our own sofa! 

6) To buy a new Armchair and matching Pouffe

Same as above, currently sitting second on the list to be bought! 

7) Renew Passport 

Boring adult job - but it's gotta be done! 

I recently did my Driving license and it was fairly straight forward. 

8) Go to the dentist and keep up regular appointments 

As I said time to be an adult. I know the first time I go it might be a little painful but... teeth are important 

9) Have an eye test 

I get free ones through my work, but haven't gone in a long time.... so time to change that

10) Get some planning for our wedding done 

Luke and I have chosen a date - so its time to get some plans down. We know roughly what we want and where. 

I also want to have sent some save the dates and ask people to come and be in the wedding party. 

We also need to have an official engagement party and bring people together so they can meet for the first time. 

11) Not sit on social media as much 

I always write this one down. But I really have lost my love of social media. It's now getting to the point that even TV shows and new films are getting ruined so I've deleted Facebook and Twitter off my phone. 

I find that when I am in a negative mood, I seem to find things that hurt me even more deliberately - if that makes sense? 

I have noticed that I have started paying more attention to those around me and I'm actually watching TV shows and films without scrolling on my phone. 


12) To Say yes more 

I tend to talk myself out of plans as soon as I make them. I overthink everything before I do it. 

It's a hard habit to break, but I'm trying 

13) More time with Friends 

I was terrible at seeing people last year as I was in shutdown mode. But I plan to be more social this year 

14) To devote more time to reading 

I didn't finish a single book last year and this really upset me. 

I am trying to get into the habit of reading two chapters a night and I have done this every night except one (where I thought I was getting a migraine)... I'm reading one of the Game of Throne's books at the moment and I'm aiming to finish one a month if I can 

15) To try and get one gaming achievement a day (376 in total)

Yes, I know there are only 366 days this year - but I actually started this challenge ten days early as I was super excited. 

My problem is that I have a stack of games to get through and I needed a challenge that would keep me engaged on the games consoles and this seemed like the perfect one. 

I will be attempting this one on the switch, Playstation and Xbox one (I'm not really into PC gaming at the moment - but that might change through the year I suppose) 

16) Keep Saving Money 

We managed to do quite alot with debts and getting new stuff for the house as we managed to start a safety net. So we just need to get a few more things paid off and then keep building on the work that we have already done! 

Another boring adult thing to do I'm afraid 

17) To try and bake more 

This is actually one that Luke wanted to push - I used to bake once a week so I would like to get back into it again 

18) Cook alot more 

This ties into WW and trying to keep within my daily points allowance. Takeaway's blow them out of the water.  So this one is just common sense 

19) To Start to learn an instrument 

Music really speaks to me and calms me. I want to try and play some for myself. I think I know where I want to start so just watch this space! 

20) Hit Learning German and Japanese hard. 

I have been trying to learn for the past year but I lost focus. So I want to pick it up from where I left it. 

21) To upload two videos a week 

To be clear I mean one for the gaming channel and one for the lifestyle channel.  When I get back into my stride and have a few filmed in advance I might increase the number. 

22) To try and post two blog posts a week. 

Again, I may do more than this when I hit my stride, but for now this is an achievable number 

23 ) To continue Diego the Wondercat and get ideas down on paper. 

I have so many stories planned, but I need to finish the characters off and get the designs down. I then need to decide whether it's going to be little comics or a book. 

24) Try and shop local 

Own local high streets are disappearing where I live, so I want to try and give my custom to the independents, including takeaways.  I will share my best finds. 

25) Have more board games and gaming nights together 

We recently did this for Christmas and it was one of the best nights that I had in a long time. I want to try and have one of these a month. 

26) Replace the blind in the kitchen

We put a temporary blind up when we moved and sadly IT WAS NOT CAT PROOF. So it needs replacing already. I think I'll get a wooden one this time!

27) To Build a shed and Paint the fence in the Garden

The fence is new and looks like it needs a treatment now its made it through Autumn. We need a shed to store outside stuff. I also want to install a bin tidy in the Garden.

28 ) Get a Screen protector for my phone and Apple Watch 

Neither have protection on them and I am very clumsy. 

29) To Keep the positivity jar going 

On New year's day, we started a positivity jar. We write down one good thing about that day and put it in a jar. On New Years eve, we will empty and have a look at them all and look back on the year. 

30) To watch 106 films in 2020

I tried to do 100 in 2019 but only got to 94, so I rolled the six over... to be honest I only started the challenge in March - forgot about it til the autumn and tried to cram loads in. 

The rule is that these can't be the same ones as last year. So I am currently clearing my BT box of the films I missed last year. 


To make myself accountable, I plan to update you all every month. 

When I hit a goal I will remove them from this list. 

It's gonna be a busy year hopefully, busy enough to make up for the past year. 

Let me know what you are working on this month. 


And thank you for your kind words last year, sometimes it felt like my readers and viewers were one of the only things getting me through. 

Thanks for Reading 


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