January '20 Goals

Hello Everyone, 

It's officially the end of what has felt like the longest week in recorded history. 

I find that I always find that January feels about six months long, but combining that with the first whole working week back and time actually starts going backwards...

But we made it through to the weekend. 

I have found myself in a cleaning frenzy... we have been very productive today and I've recently had a resurge of energy.  I believe this is because I've had a gym and diet overhaul, but more on this later. 


In my last post, I showed you my goals for 2020. 

But in order to achieve these goals, I will be setting monthly goals again to get me a little closer to the finish line. 

I am rather worried that I will have another unforeseen bad month this year and again I will be derailed til the autumn. 

I realised I never got to show you all our Christmas picture 

I obviously could of not predicted Diego's death and everything else that happened, but I think maybe I could have dwelled for less time. It's true what they say though... grief is a bitch. 

I've found out that I'm actually a sensitive person, deep down and I'm finding that the gym is helping me to get on a level. 

As I want to make myself accountable, I will be filming all my monthly goals going forward and I will actually post the results. 

I have decided to make the goals more achievable as I think when I was setting ones to finish TV shows and games and books - I was rushing through and not taking anything in. 


Anyway, time for the goals for January. 

Some are literally my new years resolutions that I need to do in this month :

1) Buy a Sofa for the living room 

We know which one we want and have saved,  New year, New Sofa, new us. We also plan to make it into a little day out with my Dad. 

2) To Try a Rainbow Bagel in Milton Keynes

I was in MK alot over the Christmas period, visiting family and also shopping and I kept passing this one Bagel cart.  Everytime I looked over I saw this delicious looking rainbow bagel and I kept wanting to try it. 

So I decided that when we go back to get the sofa I will finally be trying the wonder of the rainbow!  I have no idea what filling I'll want though. 

3) To Go on a walk somewhere new 

We moved to Wellingborough this time last year and we had a list of places that we wanted to check out as we didn't know the area very well. 

We did one of the long list and then stopped. 

Luke is trying to build up his portfolio, so it seems the perfect time to start. 

It's time to actually check out some of these places that we have heard so much about.

4) To have a mass clear out and declutter

I've been doing this in parts anyway, but I just want an end date for finishing it. 

With new furniture imminent I want to make sure that we aren't holding on to anything longer than we need to. 


So those are my goals for the coming month... 

Let see how I do! 


Thanks for reading 

Becky x  

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