January '20 Goal Results

Hello everyone! 

The six months of January are finally over, however it wasn't the longest one that I have ever been through. 

I think this one felt long as Luke got paid a week early and he had to wait six weeks to be paid again. So my pay went pretty quickly as it was Christmas. 

But we have our lovely house, we had food in the cupboards and presents under the tree. 

We just had to live within our means, which is something that we really used to struggle with. 

I found starting setting goals again, really helped me to focus and got me through when I thought I was getting bored. 

I filmed them so you can watch through here if you would prefer to reading : 


So here are a reminder of the goals and how we did:

1) Buy a Sofa for the living room - Completed

There was a slight drama with this goal as it wasn't straight forward.

 We had the money and had the plan to go to our local IKEA. However at first we worried as to how we were going to take it back to the house - in the end my Dad offered to help.

The week before we noticed that the sofa was no longer showing in stock and that it was now delivery only. I was worried that we would have to wait ages for it to come, but I ordered it on the Thursday to be delivered on the Sunday. Result. 

It arrived around 3pm on Sunday Afternoon and took Luke about 3 hours to build as it was in so many pieces. 

But it was definitely worth it. We finally have a sofa that Luke and I can both fit on - and in fact both lie down on at the same time and the cats can also fit on it. 

I've noticed that the cats are a little unsure about it but I know over time they will get comfy. 

But here it is! 

2) To Try a Rainbow Bagel in Milton Keynes - Changed due to unforeseen circumstances

I was really looking forward to this goal with all my heart. But when we got to Milton Keynes, the bagel cart that I had my eye on had closed down.  When I googled if anyone else nearby did it, it only came back with London - and I wasn't going into the capital for just one food item

I was gutted, but I still wanted to do a fourth goal so we changed it to Trying some of the new veganuary options whilst in MK - Completed 

In total we tried, The Original Recipe Vegan Burger from KFC and the Rebel Whopper from Burger King. 

The day before we knew that we were setting this Goal, we also had a vegan sausage roll from Greggs as a payday treat with Luke also having a fake (steak) Bake. 

As you can tell it was a proper unhealthy weekend, but it was also a very active one with rearranging the house and installing the new sofa... so we quickly burned it off. 

I loved the OR Vegan burger from KFC - you could tell it was quorn but it had a lovely seasoning to it. The only down point was the issue of the meal. At KFC, as a vegetarian or Vegan, you cannot have fries as part of the meal as they are cooked in the same oil as the popcorn chicken. You can only have beans or corn on the cob - which I found to be a little anticlimactic. 

The Rebel Whopper is my new favourite. I really missed having a whopper at burger king. I went veggie for animal welfare, not because I hated the taste. To have this burger was a real treat. Highly recommend it. 

I am well versed with Gregg's Vegan sausage roll. I like it but I feel like the pastry needs some work doing on it. But it is a fairly new product so there is time for them to refine it. When I asked Luke about the fake bake, he simply put his thumb up and said "yeah it's alright"

I have tried twice to get a Subway meatless meatball marina but both times they have been sold out in my local subway store :(! 

One day I will obtain this and also a rainbow bagel! 

3) To Go on a walk somewhere new - Completed 

When Luke and I moved to Wellingborough we were going to make a load of discovering Wellingborough videos and posts, but we never did. 2019 kicked us both to the curb, so I wanted to use this goal to kick start our wellingborough adventures. 

We went to somewhere that we frequently passed but never explored,  The Embankment. 

Its a short walk next to the canal and an abandoned factory which has been overtaken by birds. 

And so many swans. 

I include a few pictures here, but watch the video above, because there was every swan in the UK - it felt like. 

I imagine the walk would be a little longer in the summer as a bit of the path was obstructed by alot of mud. 

But it was pleasant enough and Luke managed to get some lovely pictures, as it was mid 

January it was very cold! 

4) To have a mass clear out and declutter - Completed 

Finally, the simple goal that became so much more. I would recommend watching the video on this one. 

When I wrote this goal, I just intended on chucking stuff away from the spare bedroom. But as Luke and I discussed it, we got excited at the idea of finally swapping the bedrooms back around. 

We swapped them in April last year after Diego's death as he would spend alot of time in that room and I wanted to feel close to him. I was in full grief mode and Luke being the amazing guy that he is, did it without question. He knew that I needed to do it to feel a little bit of happiness. When Diego came home and I could physically touch him and talk to him, I started to heal. 

Diego is now in the main bedroom with us sitting looking out the window. 

So, in one and a half days, Luke put everything we could in the loft - we left it a year as it is a new build and put everything gently on the beams. While he was doing this I was going through every possession one by one and throwing what was broken, what we didn't need and keeping and repacking what we did. 

We halfed the amount of boxes we had amassed and put our summer clothes in the loft to save space as we don't have a wardrobe as yet. When the main bedroom was cleaned we moved all the bedroom furniture. Then the new 'office and editing room' was clear. 

As we did this at the same time as the new sofa arriving, we put the old sofa and the old living room table out, so we can use the room to get inspired and for a bit of calm. Should we need it. 

Today is the first day I used it and I have edited one post, written this one and edited and uploaded a video to the lifestyle channel. Diego's influence?

As we were so busy, I forgot to take before pictures, but I did get a little footage... 

Both Luke and I agree this is the best thing we have done for the house since we moved in. In fact Luke thinks that it now feels like we have fully moved in as there are no boxes.

I am inclined to agree. 

Also I think that the cats appreciate the clear floor space, they seem alot happier to spend time with us and watch us do what we do. 


I didn't realise how much I missed filming and writing about my goals. It gave me a reason to focus in January, a month that I normally feel overwhelmed through change, a month that we feel broke and sad. A month that never ends. 

I am already working on Feb's and I'm super excited to keep this going. 

Just need to keep them realistic. 

Let me know what you are working on! 

And until next time, thanks for reading 


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