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Hello Everyone, 

I debated whether to write anything for a while, or whether to leave it. 

The world is a rather scary place at the moment and at points to me personally, it's been extremely overwhelming. 

However it occurred to me, that I have documented everything in my life for the past five years... so why not document one of the biggest world events... who knows it might help someone.... 

As you all know, I live in the UK, the Midlands of England to be exact. 

Three weeks ago, I went into work full of fear. Our Prime Minister Boris Johnson had addressed the nation and said, all people that can work from home, should do so immediately due to the Covid -19 risk. 

But here I was back in work, sitting in my seat, under one of the AC ducts. 

My job is one in an office, we had done a work from home test the week before and I really didn't want to be there. 

Don't get me wrong, I love my workmates, but my anxiety was pounding away in my chest, but I am someone that normally comforts and calms others so I tried to keep it calm. 

Then an hour later, we were allowed to leave the office.

 I opted to go at lunch and avoid the stampede... I fixated on weird things, I had all my basic equipment ready to go... but all I could think of was... would I need my faithful Derby Mug? My post it notes? Could I leave my pens unattended and my second work screen and chair... Would they be safe....would I ever see them again?

The thoughts got quite negative but I knew... I had to get home, I needed to be safe. People were coughing around me. 

However as soon as I walked through the front door. I was hit with the feeling of 'oh shit thats it, everything has come to an end'. My world was now my house, Luke and the two cats. 

I'm on week three of 'lockdown', I'm healthy, I'm happy...we have enough food and the shops seem alot better. 

But I have had some low days. 

I got a migraine on Saturday, Luke had to go to work (as he is a key worker) and I just burst into tears. 

Maybe I needed a release, but then I realised... the world is really scary at the moment.

 But I am so lucky at the moment, I'm employed and hopefully will continue to be.

I have money set aside, I have Luke and I have my health and my house. 

So I'm trying to be grateful about this whole thing, with the understanding that yes it can get a little shit at times. 


So thats my story so far. 

I'm lucky the 'Rona hasn't touched anyone that I love so far... we are all following Government advice to the letter so that this damn lockdown can finish. 

But I thought that through this blog and Youtube channel, I can document this very odd time in history and share some things that I am finding useful... as all my pre written posts are very redundant due to the shift in the world. 

Its time to make my Hideaway bigger to include those that might not have anyone, we do have a lovely community. 

In future posts, I'll share the food I've been loving, the activities that are keeping me sane and the new living room makeover! 

For now I will leave you with this: 

Thanks for reading 


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