April Isolation Goals 2020

Hiya Everyone, 

It been a couple of months since I wrote or filmed any of my goals. 

With the current situation being what it is, the ones that I had set for March fell by the wayside. 

 I fell behind in February so planned to also complete them in March but couldn't.

Now I have had a couple of weeks to think about what I want to do - I thought that I would set some 'isolation' goals. 

Mainly so that I can focus on something and so that I have something to keep me sane. 


So here they are:

1) To still celebrate Easter. 

I think it's important to celebrate anything we can at the moment, Easter is vast approaching next week so I figured that this would be the perfect opportunity. 

The sub goals are;

To get Easter Eggs
 Have a Roast on Good Sunday
To Watch Passion of the Christ 

2) To start the Harry Potter Books again. 

In these times, I want to go back to old faithful. These books have bought me so much joy and comfort over the years. 

3)To start the One Punch Man Exercise Plan.

It's more important than ever to get healthy, but we are restricted from going outside and the gym is shut. So Luke suggested that we do the workout from the anime One Punch man which is :
100 squats
100 push ups
100 sit ups 
and a 10km run.

4) To have a Strong focus on learning German and Japanese 

Now is the perfect time to crack on with some self learning. 

5)Try and game one hour a day 

This one should be fairly easy as I am really into Animal Crossing New Horizon. Plus it is a bit of escapism everyday.

6) Film two videos a week and write three posts a week. 

Something to get the creativity flowing, I'm going to try and be as positive as possible. This is as we navigate this strange part of history. 

7) to Finish 'Fantastic beasts' film and Crimes of the Grimwald and also to finish the star Wars Marathon we started eariler in the year.

I still haven't seen them and being a massive Harry potter fan, this needs to change. I proposed having a movie weekend, complete with Duvets and a takeaway. Time to make the most of time together and shut the world away. 

8) To start the Marvel Movies again

There are still some that I haven't seen so as soon as goal 7 is finished, I will be cracking on with these... Disney plus here I come. 

9) To film the living room and Take photos for the blog. 

Since the last update I did.... the living room has changed colour! I want to show you the progress that has been made. 

10) To write and draw for Diego the Wonder cat 

Again, being at home, is the perfect time to get my project off the ground. Watch this space. 

11) Finally, to be in the moment. 

I need to stop fixating on the news all the time. I watch the updates everyday to check on what we should be doing. 

But it's getting to me a little, seeing all the images of death and what not. 


So that's it. I will be filming them as well.

time to take some power back. 

Let me know what you are working on

And until next time...

Thanks for reading 



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Georgia Rose said…
Good luck with your goals! Stay safe xx

Georgia Rose



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