Lockdown, Lockdown, Lockdown.....

Heeeeellllloooooo Everybody! 

I'm back....but firstly, I have to ask.... how are you doing reader?

I hope you are warm, safe and well. 

As the weather here in the UK turns to Autumn and the nights are getting shorter... I am reminded of my favourite time of the year. 

September to December for me, is that time of getting the house cozy, looking forward to Halloween, marvelling at fireworks..... Celebrating Luke's birthday and then the big day in December. 

I am fully aware this year will be a lot different and many things that we have come to enjoy will not happen due to protecting each other.... But I've never felt closer to my fellow man. 

Corona has taken people away from us, but it bought it closer as humans.... we are all in this together. 


 I have wanted to come back on here for a while, but I didn't feel that the timing was right... my head wasn't there. But I have made a few changes and I am happy to say it's time! 

Firstly, I have made the decision to delete the Blog's Facebook page.... I did this purely as having this linked to my private one was upsetting me. 

I hate Facebook, I find it very toxic, especially during lockdown...  I found myself stuck in the rabbit hole of fake news, negative press and local people scare mongering around me.

 So I knew that it had to go...

I know that it will mean having to start again in terms of social media for the blog and the channel... but I did it once, I can do it again :) 

The instagram, Twitter and Tumblr pages are still active and will stay so. 


During Lockdown, Luke and I both suffered, as I imagine a lot of people did, mentally with feeling trapped and we made a lot of changes. 

The boldest one is that we are both going back to University in October, I will be studying teaching and Luke will be studying Child Psychology.

 So I imagine that there will be some related content on the blog... it's nice to have a study buddy, even if we are doing different courses. 

It's something we always wanted to do, but the timing was always 'wrong', nothing quite like a pandemic to teach you that nothing is perfect and we needed to just take the plunge. 

It's going to take alot of dedication and time but I know that it will be worth it to be able to leave our current jobs and to start a career in areas that we both love. 


We have made some changes to the house and the garden that I can't wait to share with you - but it will require it's own blog post. 

I think I have safely hit my goal of 'comfy' and 'cozy' in the living room. We just need to work on the upstairs now! 

Our home has been our safe spot and a true blessing during these times (Luke is still working from home and I will be in the office two days a week starting from this week). 

Unlike our previous dwelling, there is no where else I would rather be. 

The main thing is that, the cats have approved of every bit of furniture that we bought... so that can only be a good thing. 


Speaking of the Cats, Ted and Boots are still happy and healthy :) 

I think they enjoy having us round in the day and they love our tradition of having a Sunday roast every week (another change) so they always get a bit of what Luke has. 

They also get a Tuna treat in the week. 

Teddy is very much a people cat in that he is very vocal and actively comes over for cuddles. However, if you are working too hard he will come and move your screens around and sit on your keyboard! 

Boots has been enjoying the extra outside time in the week, and has been letting us know with lots of ...presents.....

More on the boys later


We are both trying to get back into pre lockdown shape, to be fair, everything I put on has come off... But I had lost over a stone at the start of the year and I'm not back down to that standard yet. 

We currently are holding each other to the goal we have set to walk 10,000 steps a day and have managed to do so for the last week. Our local gym has reopened so we will be hitting that three times a week, if safe to do so. 

I think we should all just make a silent agreement to accept that Lockdown was hard on us all so we need just as long to recover ;)


So that's it for now. 

I will be back more regularly now... with pictures... this post was a spur of the moment thing to be honest. 

So as always 

Thanks for reading 

Becky x

Twitter : @hideawayblogs


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