A Reclaiming of Self

Hello there, 

I hope that you are ok and are keeping safe and warm in these uncertain times. 

It's very difficult to make plans and to know how everything is going to play out. 

It's hard to look forward when this illness is dragging us backwards.


What I do know, is that I am ready to try and reclaim back the part of my life that has been neglected. 

I have been working non stop at my full time job, putting in those extra hours and carrying a huge weight on my back. 

I've not taken any time for myself in terms of holiday and I feel as though I might have given too much of myself over to this.

 At the weekend, I mainly sleep and relax under a blanket in an attempt to reset myself for the next week. 

But, this is all changing. 

People are coming back to work so hopefully my life is going to get alot easier! 

I am still working from home, so I am nice and safe tucked up with my cats and Partner. 

I did go back to the office for a couple of weeks, but I fell sick (not from the office) and Luke and I were really poorly. 

We had a test and it was negative, but I haven't been back since. 


In a roundabout way, I'm trying to explain where all my time has gone since March and the pressures and the strains that I have felt... as I am sure the rest of my fellow people from the UK can agree with. 

But this week I got some news that means I will finally get some more time to myself and I figured it was the perfect time to jump back into ' project me'. 

I wanted to do this at the start of the year, to better myself and transform myself...but ya know... Covid. 


I started by taking small steps. 

I started with the Gaming Channel.... I sat on a Twitch stream for a couple of hours and then uploaded it to Youtube.

 I did that again two days later and scheduled another stream for Friday. 

I then went through my phone and found some footage I filmed from the summer and never uploaded... 

I edited it and uploaded it. 

I found some pictures and put them on instagram....

I then found myself here.... my first love that all the other stuff was born out of....

And suddenly, I don't feel so alone. I feel alot more like myself from a year ago.... 


Aside from work, I am also a part time University Student.... Yes, I've finally started learning how to teach! 

So my plan is to keep some sort of routine with my uploading...

 A video on Thursday on the lifestyle channel 

A couple of streams a week on Twitch 

A video on the gaming channel 

and a post or two on here. 


I hate promising that I'll be back all the time. 

But this feels different. 


Any way, thats it for now. 

Thank you for reading and coming back 

Becky x

Twitter : @hideawayblogs


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