Happy Halloween!

Hiya Everyone! 

I hope that you all had a spooky and safe Halloween! 

It's one of my favourite days of the year and it was alot different, this time around. 

As always, we decorated the house and enjoyed being reunited with our favourite decorations. 

We did a little display out the main front window- in an effort to cheer up our street (we were one of only two houses to get involved).

I completely understand why they may not have wanted to participate this year - and it didn't help that on the night of Halloween itself... Boris Johnson announced a new national lockdown in the UK for the month of November (and he showed up to the interview/ announcement three hours late).

We still had a couple of trick or treaters, so there is alot of candy for Luke to get through for the next couple of weeks. 

I was of the opinion that if the children were making the effort to go out and be safe, then we would answer the door -after all we decorated the house so it would have been a misleading signal. 

I also put two characters in the window upstairs....


and Boo! 

In the Living room we also had a couple of decorations up; I love my little family of Ghosts 

I made a detailed video this week for the lifestyle channel and you can watch it below:

I also used the opportunity to show off some new furniture we have collected over the past couple of months.


On actual Halloween night, Luke and I watched some netflix and I sat on Animal Crossing and unlocked all the Halloween Stuff with the Help of Jack! 

In fact, I decided that my costume wasn't good enough and I became Jack... I don't think that he suspected anything....


As for the news, it's alot to process that Lockdown is back again. 

Luke and I weren't going out too much anyway, but now it feels terrible as it's not our choice anymore. But if it keeps people safe and alive then its something we all need to grin and bear. 

I'd like to see my family at Christmas but at the moment, I can see them extending it to the end of the year. 

I'd love to be wrong... but the last one was meant to be for three weeks... it lasts months! 


I'll put my thoughts into another blog post when I have had a chance to sit and think.

But for now;

Thanks for reading 


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