June 2021 Goals


     Hiya Everyone!

I hope you are all doing ok today!

I have been feeling an air of change surrounding me this week.

A few events have happened in my personal life in quick succession and I could have gone about it in two ways.

Hide and wait for everything to ‘blow over’ and just pray that everything is going to be alright… or try and adult and deal with my feelings.

The thought that life is short and can tragically be taken from us any time has spurred me into action. I am also approaching an age milestone in the next month or so, so this has enhanced my period of reflection.

I have decided that I need to walk my own path in life, that I need to focus more on my family and that I need to stop spending time and effort on things that are not benefiting me in the long run.

I have made such changes in the past year due to the pandemic – diet, fitness, job and mindset and its time to use these new tools to build on how I am going to reach that next step.

To be a better version of myself.

More on this later – however the goals below are designed to try and get me a little closer to where I want to be…



Normally I would have posted these earlier in the month but as the blog has just come back to life everything is slightly delayed.

Here are the goals for June;

I will be filming them for the YouTube channel too!



1)     To keep up with the 10,000 step challenge

For the month of June, I am running a step challenge as part of the gaming community I’m a member of.

 In our fitness club, we are trying to do 10,000 steps each a day to get moving after lockdown. I want to make sure that I see it through because the last one I did as part of work – I gave up after a week or two.

 This one is an individual challenge, so I am hoping that gives me the kick I need as I love to win… or at least not come last. This goal is here to inspire me on those hot days (that seem to be sticking around) to go outside and enjoy the sun.


2)     Relaunch Youtube channels

I’ve been trying to do this for a while with both Hideaway Blogging and Hideaway Gaming.

The last lifestyle video that I uploaded to HB was Luke’s Birthday, but I felt after that point… and the next lockdown was announced that I wasn’t in a good place and I think that would have translated to the camera. 

Now that the lockdown has eased and I have had a while to think about my content, I think that I’m in a good place to get back in front of the camera again. I found myself going back to older videos during the pandemic – particularly of videos that featured Diego to relive the ‘normal times’. The times that I felt that I had taken for granted.

In terms of Hideaway Gaming, I did a soft launch a couple of months ago with old Twitch Streams. But I want to take the channel to the next level… I want to start doing custom videos for it again. I have a couple of ideas and half a month to do it, so watch this space!


3)     Maintain fitness routine with the gym

I’ve been a bit lax with the gym since it reopened – don’t get me wrong, we have been going but it’s just been sporadic. I want to ensure that I stick to our agreed days and that I go.

I want to build up the confidence to go back into classes – but I think this is something that will come with time. It's not that I don’t think that I can do them, it's just the fear of the pandemic… as I have only had the first part of the vaccine recently. Lucky for me I had no side effects (I just felt a little sleepy).

I am mainly working on my strength training and lifting weights (as my goal is to be able to support my own body weight and to be able to do unassisted pull-ups)


4)     Finish two books

I am currently listening to an audiobook and reading another on my kindle now.

I find that when I have a busy spell at work – putting on an audiobook really calms me. It helps my mind to focus.

I also find that physically reading my kindle at lunch and prior to bed is just what I need to switch off.

I set myself a goal of finishing one book a month this year (so 12 in total) – I am currently on 1.

 So there is a lot of work to do. I am currently reading through the Harry Potter Series and listening to Twilight and Me Before You.


5)     Start weekend bucket list – With a day trip

Luke and I, during the pandemic, decided that once it was over / under control that we wanted to explore the UK. We aim to go abroad at least once a year – but we rarely take trips to explore our home.

We want to change that, so we are doing something called the weekend bucket list – inspired by a YouTube channel we both love – BeckiandChris.

We plan to start small, just while restrictions are in place – with a picnic and then a small day trip after payday.

We are thinking of either Cambridge or Olney – watch this space!


6)     Self care

I spend a lot of time in front of the computer now – due to working from home and due to writing, streaming, and editing that I’m rarely taking time to unwind.

I will read a book at lunchtime or listen to an audiobook during work – but I won’t do anything else for myself. I have realised that this is something that needs to change.

So, what I’m going to do is this.

Take some time back for myself.


To have set days for streaming and to stick to them. To have all my extra duties signed off by 10/11pm. To set real-time boundaries and to stick to them.

To spend more time with Luke in the week.

To treat my skin every day – with a face mask and hair mask once a week.

To play games for me and not for streaming. 

Do not stress the small stuff and try not to read too much into situations. 

To not let people get under my skin for the most minimal of things (easier said than done I know) 

If I get this stuff under control now – the rest will follow

I honestly think that I give too much of myself to projects, my job, and other people – in which I could be easily replaced. But in doing so I can’t be replaced by those I love – I don’t want to push them away.


Those are my lifestyle goals  - I thought that I would post my gaming goals too – to give you an idea what I am currently working towards :


Gaming goals (for July 30th (my birthday)

250 followers on Twitch

250 followers on Twitter

15 subscriptions on Twitter

100 followers on Hideaway Gaming Instagram

100 subs on Hideaway Gaming YouTube channel

If these all hit – I will be doing a whole week (in August) of cosplay



So that’s everything that I am currently working towards.

I will write a post on the ‘bigger picture' as I see it later on in the month as I think it's something that needs its own post.

As I said above, these goals will all be filmed and posted in July on the Hideaway Blogging Youtube channel… And I will TRY to remember to post the results on here… but I’ve been failing at that for a while.

Relaunch means results right?


As always,

Thank you so much for reading



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