September Goals 2021

 Hello everyone! 

I hope that you are all doing ok, as always, it's been a while since the last post.

 But I'm inspired to write again. 

I'm inspired to film again. 

I'm inspired to get fit. 

I'm inspired to get back to some form of normality... 


I know it's halfway through the month - however here are the goals that I am working towards for this month. 

They all centre around finishing up loose ends and new beginnings. 

I will be filming as much of these as I can;

So here they are; 

1) To go back to the gym and to maintain a healthy routine and diet.

I still have in my mind that I want to get stronger and that I want to be able to hold my own body weight and to be able to do unassisted pull-ups. 

I have lost about two stone since the end of lockdown. 

But there is still a lot that needs to come off. 

I am also looking into ways that I can support this on a vegan diet and shifting focus towards home cooking and making the effort to do so. 

2) Complete as much of my Youtube editing backlog as much as possible.

At the start of the month, I was still editing videos from before I jumped in front of the camera in March. 

I know it going to take a while to get back on top but, I think once this is cleared... I'll be able to focus on new content on both of the channels.

 I also want to make a channel trailer for both Twitch and Youtube. 

For me is it about getting my house completely in order. 

3 ) Finish my old module at uni 

I have some work left over from the last term - not too much, but I do need to get it finished.

 I have started to do 'study with me streams' on Twitch to try and combine two parts of my life together.

So, in doing these I am cracking through work quite quickly as I find myself zoning out and being super focused. 

I have put this goal in here as accountablilty to get it done before the next part of the course starts officially in October 

4) Get ahead in my new module at uni 

I want to try to be two weeks ahead at all times. Especially, as I will be abroad for a part of October. I know how quickly you can fall behind and the stress that can bring. 

I think that if I can do this then it will put me in good stead for my assignments and that I should be able to maintain the straight-A streak that I am on at the moment. 

5 ) To get back into a healthy wake-up and exercise routine

This feeds into the gym goal, however, I wanted to single this part out. Over the past couple of months, I have been struggling to sleep, due to a whole manner of reasons. I want to get back to getting up early and either going for a walk / going to the gym. Having the energy to make a healthy breakfast and also I do not want to fall asleep the second that I step into the office. 

I have been relying a little too much on coffee and energy drinks to get me through. 

6) Read one chapter a day of a book / listen to one chapter of an audiobook a day 

I am slowly getting back into reading and devouring books. One of the main driving factors of this is the book club that I am a part of. 

I am determined to keep up - and also on my study with me streams, I have found myself starting with a couple of chapters of a book to limber my mind up.

 But, I want to make sure that this isn't just a burst of energy and actually something that I can maintain. So, I have simply set the target of reading/ listening to a chapter of a book a day. 

I know that I can do this, so will up it next month when I am in a routine. 


So thats what I'm working on

I have streamlined my goals a fair bit in the attempt to not overload myself 

I'll let you know how they go! 

As always, thanks for reading 

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