About me

A little about me:

I am 28

My name is Rebekah Mary aka Becky 

I created Hideaway as a way of focusing my mind and as a way of helping to control my nervous energy.  

I started it in May 2015 and the matching Youtube channel in June 2015 and later followed a dedicated Gaming Channel....

I love the creativity and freedom that having a safe place on the internet that the blog brings. 

I hope that in that, it's readers can free comfortable and have a little chuckle in the process.

I mainly write about Beauty products, My Life , Anime/Manga & Games that I am enjoying and my life in general.

  I have also been known to cover events, but only if they fall outside of my work hours.

A few facts about me:

§ I live in England 

§ I support Derby County FC

§ I have two Kittens (Boots and Teddy)

§ I am A big supporter of Animal rights and have adopted a Vegetarian Diet and try to use products that have not been tested on animals. 

§ I am a massive gamer 

FAQ coming soon!


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