My first channel that I run goes by the name of Hideaway Blogging. 

This originally went live in June 2015.

It focuses mainly on Beauty and lifestyle.  

I feature products that I love and I also love taking the viewer along with me if I am visiting some where new!

I aim to update this channel at least once a week! 

Below is the best of 2018 Video to sample! 

: ) 

The Second Channel that I proudly make is Hideaway Gaming.

This originally went live on May 2016.

I decided to create a dedicated channel as gaming is a passion of mine and a hobby that my partner and I enjoy together. 

I aim to upload at least once a week and may also jump on our Twitch Channel throughout the week.... (Hideawaygames).

I also set myself goals each month on games that I would like to complete... check out the blog at the start of the month and the end to see how I do! 

I do not pretend to be the best gamer, but I do enjoy a wide range of games and game on many different systems including PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo switch, PC and handheld consoles etc.

Our Gamertags are 

Beckydoodah for both Xbox One and PSN

Below is the best of the 2016 footage!

Let us know what you wanna see!


Rebekah Mary 


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