ABOUT : Diego The Wonder Cat

Hello Everyone & Welcome to the page about my new project. 

Introducing.... Diego, The Wonder Cat 

(At the moment, A Logo is a work in Progress so here is a lovely picture of my Boy)

As you may or may not know, I am a massive animal lover. 

I always have been since a child and I would like to think that I alway will be. 

As you know, I try to live an animal friendly lifestyle and I am Vegan because of it! 

Throughout my life, I have been lucky to be accompanied by some amazing animals. 

In my life I have met :

6 Chinchillas
6 Chipmunks ((I think it was Six I was really small)
Seven Amazing Cats 
Two Hamsters 

Each of them taught me something about myself and I am honoured to be sharing / have shared my life with them. 

Sadly, there is the downside that we eventually will part from our animal companions before we ourselves go to sleep for the last time. 

I have been through this alot and it never gets any easier.  

Its something that no one seems to talk about, as Brits we have the stiff upper lip mentality. But its something that guts us, we are united in grief. 


Boot and Diego are the first two cats / animals that I have been responsible for. 

Luke and I got them almost five years ago from the age of four weeks. 


Sadly, Diego was killed in an accident on the 22nd March 2019, he was hit by a car when we think he was being chased by something. 

Sadly, I was the one to spot him on the edge of the road. 

We bought our son home, wrapped in my cardigan.  So he could feel warm and smell home one last time. 

The Cardigan has since been given to Boots so he can smell his brother and get some comfort from it. There was no way that I wanted to wear it again, even though it was my favourite. 

We took him to the vet, just to check, and they confirmed how he had gone to sleep and that it was him, he wasn't in the best way. 

It was instant, he didn't suffer. 

As I was outside the vets, trying to breathe and get some air... I saw a robin. I knew it was him telling me that everything would be ok.

  Luke and I wept as we realised that even in death he was trying to comfort us as he did in life. 


Diego was my baby, he was small for his age, he was scared , but he was my little shadow.  

I feel a gap where he should be... behind the TV, under the Clothes Airer.... Sitting on the spare bed, hiding in a box and sitting in the basket....  but I know that he's there. 

When I sit on the sofa with a blanket over me, I know he's there, waiting for me to tuck him in. 

I hear little things around the house and I see Boots staring at places his brother used to sit. 

Diego has since returned to us and we find ourselves petting him and talking to him, as we do up our house I will find his final resting place. 


I've not felt a pain like this for a while and I think the problem is that, I can't accept that Diego's story is over. We had such tales that we made up for him and his brother. 

Diego was a mushroom lover, he was a Pokemon Master, he was our Doctor, he was head of our money. 

Out of this grief and out of desire to keep his memory alive... I decided to create a web series. 

Diego the Wonder Cat... The Small Cat with the Large Imagination.  

Along with his Brother Boots, Luke and I... I want to document some of our memories and some funny back stories of Diego and his characters. 

On Sunday 24th March, I went and bought a sketchpad, pencils and pens to put these ideas to paper. I had previously doodled some stuff out in my journal but I found this quite restrictive. 

On Monday 25th March, all the social pages were launched... I also wanted the instagram to be a collection of Diego and Boots... so that everything was in one place. 


So that is where we are at the moment. 

I want to make people smile, laugh and make them value their little fluff balls as much as I value mine. 

I was honoured to have known Diego and he got me through the worst years of my life. 

 I think he must have known that I would be ok without him, although every day brings a few tears but also amazing memories. 


The Sun has shone everyday since. Thank you little man. 

Rest my little Fluff and I will see you again on the Rainbow Bridge x 


As the project progresses I will put updates on the blog and also on the social media pages. 

I recently filmed a video explaining what I hope to achieve:

So thank you for checking out the backstory

Rebekah Mary 

Here are the socials to check out :

Twitter : @diegothewonder

Instagram :@Diegothewondercat


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